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Car WTF??

Found this in a random search. A 94 Chevy Beretta with an Eaton M90 supercharger bolted onto its transverse engine. That’s fucked-up as a football bat, and a turd just GLISTENING with polish! WHY?? Just buy a GOOD car!

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Cars and Guns

I’ll probably be posting a bunch of videos from The Smoking Tire, as I like Matt’s style. Still this video is MADE for this site. I would rather it be a cooler car, but I won’t complain:

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“Gun Death” Ban SUVs!!!!!

This is actually the proper use of passive voice in a news story! Oregon State Police in northeast Oregon say a woman is dead after her SUV apparently ran over her….The East Oregonian reports that state police and local fire … Continue reading

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Interesting New View on Jeff Dunham

I like Jeff Dunham, he’s funny, but he’s not really smart comedy. I listen to the Comedy stations on the Satellite radio, and frankly his stuff is predictable enough that I’m kinda sick of him and have written him off. … Continue reading

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Another “Sucessful” Bailout

Foreign Owned, and recipient of US Federal funds Fisker is about to go under: Fisker is an electric car company, founded in 2007, which holds the dubious distinction of producing the only car to ever break down during its Consumer … Continue reading

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Another Pending Political Disaster

Politicians making rulings on things they know nothing about. Days after a federal appeals court said the Obama administration is setting overly optimistic production quotas for the struggling biofuels industry, the government issued new standards Thursday that raise production estimates … Continue reading

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Register Guns Like Cars

Just Though I’d post a pair of videos about a car Adam Carolla bought that was previously owned by Paul Newman. The safety features are all dictated by the racing league. The car has no DOT safety features and is … Continue reading

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App For Breaking the Law

Heard an ad for this App on the radio: MassDOT Secretary and CEO Richard A. Davey today announced a new smart phone app that provides real time travel conditions along the Interstate 93 corridor in Massachusetts. The Real Time Travel … Continue reading

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Common Sense

The real kind! Bet this makes the antis spitting mad! h/t McThag

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I Guess I Don’t Have To Keep My Eye On the Road

I’m all packed to head to Northern Maine for funeral services. For those who know, the roads north of Bangor are pretty desolate and surrounded by raw forest. According to Jason Kilgore of Joyce Shell Group Cease Fire Oregon, I … Continue reading

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