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Google, Does Evil

Wow I’ve been hearing about this from many of the Youtube Channels. This video explains whats going wrong the best. Essentially Google, through Youtube is flagging people for copyright infringement, but many of these users have full permissions. But the … Continue reading

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For Those People Who Don’t Understand “Causation” and “Correlation”

The Sandy Hook Killer….Dance Dance Revolution Addict! But while many of his video games were violent, others were not. For months before the killings at Sandy Hook, he would go to a movie theater on weekends to play the dance … Continue reading

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Yet Another Ascension Post

This makes #5 for me in just under 12 years of gameplay!

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Interesting Game

Have a look Fairly primitive, and REALLY easy. Also annoying that the character likes to do the New York Reload/ John Woo Special of tossing an empty gun before drawing a fresh one. Still neat, and free! Play it here

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Morning Dubstep: Zombies Ate My Neighbors

No sure if this is a dubstep remix of the Lucas Arts Game No matter, its damn good!

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Pretty G33ky!


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More Bullshit

Ok I’m just going to toss a flag on this one: The Washington Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis played violent video games including Call of Duty for up to 16 hours at a time and friends believe it could have … Continue reading

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Odd Gun: Semmerling LM4

Being a .45 Guy and with an itch to scratch for a pocketable carry gun in that caliber, I first heard of the Semmerling LM4, it was made first in the 1980s and had limited production up until sometime around … Continue reading

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I Chose Wrong

The Wii U is a cool console….but it has NO games. People are talking of Nintendo’s demise: More here: To say that Nintendo’s Wii U had a troubling fiscal first quarter might be an understatement. The game company on Wednesday … Continue reading

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Because Awesome

You might recognize the voice.

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