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For You Pen and Paper Gamer G33ks

Found this series deeply amusing. Enjoy! Yep the moment I stepped outside of D&D the more I never wanted to go back. For those who like simplicity and have a group of good gamers, I’ve had GREAT results with this … Continue reading

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Images of the Antis: Short Sighted

Ever got a chance to call a self-described proponent of “Common Sense Gun Control” a “Gun Banner” or “Gun Grabber”? If it’s a run-of-the-mill anti-gunner they might agree, but if they’re one of those that are steeped in top-down anti-rights … Continue reading

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False Sense of Security

So this is an interesting story: Anita Sarkeesian, a feminist cultural critic who has become a target of harassment by gamers, canceled a public speech scheduled for Wednesday after the college holding the event received threats of violence. Now first … Continue reading

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Probably One of His Best Videos!

LOVE IT! I love rock-solid theories like this thrown into video game lore. In the end it’s a lot of work for worthless fictional speculation, but it’s really fun to see how it comes out! Now he needs to do … Continue reading

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FPS Games are Good for Gun Culture

Now I won’t nit-pick all the little factual errors and newbie mistakes on the range. I’ll just share the video: A professional video gamer who spends a lot of time shooting stuff in cyber space decides to up his game … Continue reading

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Propaganda peices

Sometimes you have to be amazed at the amount of blind faith anti-gun people have in their failed ideology: That is what finally happened with REDACTED, 22, after six more innocent people were slaughtered, the last four — including the … Continue reading

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Ballistics in Mario

Just a fun video doing ballistics calculations for the Bullet Bill Family in the Mario games. Fun Stuff!

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Play Me Out: Metroid

A classic, enjoy

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The Atari ET Dump is True?

So I was many of the kids in the Christmas season of 1982 who got a copy of ET for my Atari 2600. Being 4 years old, I didn’t know any better, and I rather liked the game. Being a … Continue reading

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Well there! Another Nethack ascension! This one done almost exclusivly while my daughter was sleeping, and actually was a fairly quick run given the time constraints. Of course I suck at this game compared to the really good players. I’ve … Continue reading

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