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Some LOLz from the Onion

I was watching some old videos from the Onion, and they’ve really cut production cost as well as writing. Too bad, but sometimes stuff is still funny Enjoy

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For Some More Geeks Gadgets and Guns

And some me, I was on Geeks Gadgets and Guns Again. And I loved it….AGAIN! You’ll enjoy it…AGAIN!

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We Like Shooting Ep 206

If you didn’t see the show live It’s now uploaded for your podcast listening pleasure! Enjoy!

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Getting Ready For Some We Like Shooting

So excited to be on another Episode of We Like Shooting! You can tune in live here!

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Another Geeks Gadgets and Guns Show

A Fan asked if I was now a regular host. Not yet, but with the exception of one crazy week when I had ZERO free time, I have yet to say “no” to these guys when they ask! Enjoy!

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I Was on Geeks Gadgets and Guns

You probably already heard about it, since I’m I bit late. I Really love doing these shows because the conversation goes where it goes, and I hope you all listening had as much fun as I did talking!

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You Had Me At Cloaca!

Too Funny!!!

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Thank You Internet

I’m so glad there are people on the internet making videos JUST for m! God I love these videos! And they fit so much into such a small run time!

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More Musical Selections!

Because that last post was fun, here’s another video from today: pair that with this soundtrack I wonder if GG and Bill ever hung out….

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My Wife Will Divorce Me If I Do This

But OH MY GOD!!!! That is surprisingly gorgeous! Mad Max Mom Mobile!!!! That with some Main Force Patrol decals and EVERYBODY would know I’m an idiot!

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