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Unedited Photo From Weer’d Land

This happened in my house, and I felt it necessary to share with you all! Was putting on my coat to go outside and cut up some boxes for the recycling bin, so I set my trusty Ka-Bar down….well when … Continue reading

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G33k Out with Geeks Gadgets And Guns

Seriously, if you aren’t listening to this show, you’re missing out. These guys are so unafraid to let the conversation go wherever it does so that amusing and nerdy content comes out. The Geeks were kind enough to invite me … Continue reading

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They Call Me “Weird” For a Reason

When I install a very nice surround sound system to my computer in the armory, what do I immediately start listening to? The Podcast put out by Brady Campaign activist Rebecca Flowers The things I do for you podcast lovers!

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Merry Christmas!

However you do it! H/T Farmdad for the video!

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Squirrel Report: British Exchange Student

So this week we shipped Jay off to England, and got Hayden in exchange! I think we’ll keep him!

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Creative Remix Style

This guy is just cool! Rather than doing video game remixes using modern synthetics, or conventional instruments, he goes A Capella in a multi-track with a video feed from each track! And another fave

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SQRPT #218

We took a little time off, but we’re back! We’re quoting Breda for the show description: We talk about everything from printing presses, Castro, Sesame Street, mashed potatoes to orangutans. All in the same show! I like us. Yep, it’s … Continue reading

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The Squirrel Report 212

If you like dong-talk, this is the show for you! IT’S THE SQUIRREL REPORT!!!

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We Like Shooting #164

Oh my god was that fun!!! And like I said on air, thanks to Kermit who left the iTunes review that mentioned that I’d be a great guest for the show! So awesome!

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Play Me Out: Dr. Bombay

A little racist, by why not enjoy good music???

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