Gunblog Variety Cast EP 145

EP145 GunBlog VarietyCast Radio – Crossing State Lines

Despite the great time they had in Atlanta, neither Beth nor Erin violated the Mann Act in the creation of this podcast.

(Fun fact: there is a Mann Act, there is an Elkins Act, and there is a Mann-Elkins Act. They all have to do with interstate shipping, but only one deals with debauchery.)
Beth and Erin attend the Meet and Mingle for Women in the Firearm Industry last weekend. What did they do, who did they meet, what’s it all about? They’ll tell you about it.
He was in jail awaiting federal firearms charges and needed bail. So what did he do? He talked his wife and his mother into pimping out underage girls across state lines, that’s what. Sean takes a closer look at this prince among men.
Miguel digs into his pile of books to pull out the book he thinks is the most important book for anyone who carries a gun for self defense.
Barron takes a few minutes while on break at work to record a quick segment about the need for offline backups in an era of ransomware.
In the Main Topic, we welcome Special Guest Tony Simon of The Second is For Everyone Diversity Shoot.
Tiffany is still recovering from her surgery, so she records us a short segment to tell us why she can’t record a segment.
You saw the photos from the Moms Demand protest at the NRA Annual Meeting. You had to know that Weer’d would be doing an Audio Fisk of the participants, right?
And our plug of the week is for Operation Blazing Sword’s first public event, “One Aim: Safety for Everyone!”
Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 144

P144 GunBlog VarietyCast – The Gross

“A dozen, a gross, and a score,

Plus three times the square root of four

Divided by seven

Plus five times eleven

Is nine squared and not a bit more.”

— Leigh Mercer, wordplay master and recreational mathematician (1948)

· Do you get Holster Funk? Beth tells you how to avoid it while carrying in the hot, humid South.

· Sell stolen guns and hold people at gunpoint? Momma might have something to say about that. Who got shot? Sean takes a closer look.

· Barron is on assignment this week.

· They say “Choose your friends well, for your enemies will choose you.” Miguel shines a bright light on those who have chosen us, and what he sees will shock you.

· In the Main Topic we welcome Special Guest Gail Pepin of the Massad Ayoob Group and the Pro Arms Podcast

· How do you answer when people ask you “Just how many guns do you really need?” Two-Gun Tiffany gives us her answer.

· After last week’s fungal infection segment, Erin follows up with some creams and ointments that every prepper should have.

· A State legislator opens a stand to sell lemonade, cookies… and an AK-47, because he objects to citizens selling their property without government permission. Weer’d points and laughs.

· And our plug of the week is for Carolina Ceramic Coatings.

Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support

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“Gun Death” Chris Cornell

Been a while since I’ve added to the “Gun Death” Files, but I felt the need to add to it after hearing about the tragic death of Chris Cornell.

It’s still early to know all the details in the story. There are many speculations as to his motives, but it seems beyond dispute Mr. Cornell ended his own life by hanging himself in his hotel room.

I chose this story because the anti-freedom activists are pushing hard that banning guns will somehow prevent suicide. They really need to, as they’re married to that 32,000 “Gun Deaths” per year figure, noting that approximately 19,000 of those deaths are suicides.

As far as I can tell this is NOT like Aaron Hernandez who hung himself because it was all he had access to in prison, or Robin Williams, whom many suspect ended his life by hanging due to an attack of dementia. Or even David Carnadine, who had the rope around his neck for….other reasons.

No matter how you slice it Chris Cornell was rich, famous, and in Detroit at the time. He could have gotten his hands on a gun if he NEEDED one….he didn’t.

The idea that we can ban guns to reduce suicide is pure insanity. Go look at suicide statistics, not only is there not a drastic difference in Suicide rates from permissive to restrictive states, but the United States as a whole doesn’t have a remarkable suicide rate. The ONLY thing you can say about the US and suicide is we have a high “Gun Suicide” rate….and what the hell does that have to do with anything?

I’ll close with my favorite song by Chris Cornell, It’s a shame he did what he did. I wish he hadn’t.

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Handgun Radio #176

I’m a little late promoting this one, but Ryan and I sit down and talk about my experience at the NRA Annual Meeting

It was a good time, and a fun show!

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The Dishonesty of the Anti-Gun Lobby

So Joan Peterson of Protect Minnesota and the Brady Campaign has a post up where she alleges one of her Grand Children’s classmates threatened to bring a gun to school for the purposes of murder.

Overall the story isn’t unbelievable, but given that Joan is such a practiced liar, and has been well documented in manipulating the truth to suit her political agenda of banning guns, I must make note every time she tells a story without documentation.

Of course the post quickly dissolves to anti-gun boilerplate, and somehow all her agenda points could have prevented this “Tragedy”.

What isn’t mentioned is Did the offending kid have a gun, or access to guns? As I said, Joan’s story isn’t unbelievable, and I suspect it happens rather frequently in this country. That is, Joan’s story as it’s written. If Joan has said the kid had guns, ammo, and a plan to carry out those murders….well that would be national news, as those events are as rare as school spree shootings are. In this modern world, calling in a “Gun Threat” is likely as common as calling in a Bomb Threat. I was evacuated twice from my High School due to bomb threats. I wasn’t particularly concerned, as I knew the only thing you needed to make a bomb threat in the 90s was a telephone and the ability to say “I planted a bomb in the school”. We had bomb threats, we didn’t have any actual bombs. Actually we did, one kid I went to school with did some jail time for robbing a science lab in school to pilfer bomb making chemicals. I knew several other kids (one went on to go to college in MIT) who made bombs as a hobby. So while we had kids with explosives (illegal explosives I may add) and bomb threats, there was never any actual danger. I’m sure these gun threats are about the same, its an easy “Cry for help” behavior.

So if this event happened at all, likely it wasn’t more than an empty threat, but Joan has solutions, and some of them might even make sense in her mind.

Still in the comments section there was an interesting comment:

he NRA teaches safe storage to thousands of gun owners every year and the gun industry has distributed over 35 million free gun locks to gun owners in partnership with local police departments through its safe storage program called Project Childsafe.

Interesting as Joan let it through. He’s right of course, the NRA, and industry groups like the NSSF are working VERY hard to keep guns out of the wrong hands, and eliminate accidental deaths from firearms. I think Joan let the comment through so she could respond:

If the gun lobby truly cared they would support universal background checks, mandatory reporting of lost and stolen guns, safe storage laws, child access prevention laws, gun violence protection orders and other such laws to stop guns from getting into the hands of kids and others who should not have them. But such has not been the case. Instead the gun lobby supports arm everyone to carry guns everywhere laws that will clearly not do one thing for public safety and will, in fact, make it worse. Their gun safety training for hunting is a great program. But Eddie Eagle just doesn’t do the job as documented in many videos and what kids actually do when they find a loaded gun. Facts matter.

Hilarious, huh? A kid called in a threat, and likely had no plans to act on that threat, and that’s justification to push universal background checks, mandatory reporting of lost and stolen guns, safe storage laws, gun violence protection orders. Even if this kid was ready to rampage (and he wasn’t, otherwise it would be on the news RIGHT NOW) how would ANY of that crap have changed anything.

Meanwhile pro gun groups DO teach quality safety programs….and yes Eddie Eagle Works, the crap the antis push to discredit it is nothing more than propaganda.

Of course I would respond: “If the anti-gun lobby cared at all about public safety rather than banning guns they would back away from FFL based Universal Background checks with the expressed goal to show they don’t want want a backdoor gun registry for confiscation purposes. They would back away from “Gun Violence Protection Orders” because they are so easily abused to strip the rights from people who have done nothing wrong. They would back away from Lost and Stolen laws because they simply blame and entrap victims of crimes under the guise that it will stop black market arms dealers and straw buyers….two things that are not only already crimes, but more severe crimes than lost-and-stolen. And of course they would back away from mandatory safe storage laws because THOSE LAWS HAVE BEEN RULED IN DIRECT VIOLATION OF THE 2ND AMENDMENT. You know, that part of the constitution Joan claims to support…of course this is the same Joan who says “Nobody is cumming for your guns” while openly supporting door-to-door confiscation!

I would openly say this in her comment section, but my comments are banned. I wonder why…..

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You Had Me At Cloaca!

Too Funny!!!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 143

EP143 GunBlog VarietyCast – Fungi Aren’t Fun, Guys

Soothe that itching and burning for knowledge with the cool, creamy salve of GunBlog VarietyCast Radio.

Following up on last week’s “Career Day” segment, Beth brings her son on the show to talk about the unfairness of the school letting a police officer talk about guns, but not his mommy.
A father of three was shot and killed in Raleigh. Why? Sean looks to see if there’s more to this story.
Barron is on assignment this week.
Miguel looks at the vast difference in the size of pro-gun and anti-gun organizations, which prompts him to ask his legislators “Why are you so afraid of Mom’s Demand?”
In the Main Topic we welcome Special Guest Keith Pantaleon, who also got to be a special guest of the State of New Jersey for the high crime of possessing a firearm while black.
Tiffany ran into Maj Toure of Black Guns Matter at the NRA Annual Meeting. Thinking quickly, she whipped out her cell phone and interviewed him on the spot.
Of all the fun things you can do in ROTC, no one ever told Erin that fungal infections were on the agenda. Luckily for us, she uses this terrible experience to bring you some practical strategies for getting rid of them.
What happens when Protect Minnesota’s Joan Peterson stands up and gives her anti-gun talking points at a town hall meeting? Weer’d will let you listen in.
And our plug of the week is for the NSSF-AFSP Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support

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Another Notch against Magazine Disconnects

Old post on my dislike of Magazine Disconnects. I consider them a “Safety Device” that makes your gun MORE dangerous, and potentially something that could disable your gun when you need it most.

The idea that dropping the magazine on a gun makes it “Safe” encourages lax gun handling, and adds the bizarre scenario where one would take a “Safe” gun and insert an empty magazine (A step I might add is necessary in many guns equipped with this feature for things like disassembly and dry fire) and if you have not properly cleared the firearm (the whole argued reason why a Magazine Disconnect is a rational idea) your “Safe” gun will now fire a single round when you pull the trigger.

That and having your mag not properly seated, or bumped loose will now make your defensive gun a brick until you remedy that.

Now this:

YIKES!!! I haven’t spent much time rooting around in the guts of a hi-point, so I don’t know how easy it is to induce this malfunction in less extreme conditions. I have monkeyed around with the disconnect on an M&P and I will say that the disconnect is pretty protected from pocket lint and random debris….but if the gun was dripping with mud or grit (or snow in a cold environment) and the action is cycling I certainly could see sand, grit, or some ice gumming up that device….tho thinking about it, on the M&P it might be more likely to jam the safety OFF….that’s really what I did to disable mine, I removed the cam track that engages the trigger bar when the disconnect arm is moved by an inserted magazine, and jammed it closed with a sufficient spring.

Either way, we as gun nuts need to be sharing our knowledge about these “Safety Features” so that people can start thinking about them as terrible ideas, rather than good ones.

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 142

EP142 GunBlog VarietyCast – Cameron Diaz and Chocolate Godzilla at NRAAM 2017

That’s a movie I’d go see!

Join Sean, Erin, Beth, Tiffany, Weer’d, and Co-host Emeritus Adam as we record LIVE in the Media Room at the NRA Annual Meeting 2017. Subjects of discussion include

SIG pistols
Airforce Airguns
Bribery Vodka from Covington
C-Products Magazines
Next Level Training’s SIRT Pistol
Infiltrating the Mom’s Demand Action protest
The derpiest holster EVAR!
Mike Seeklander
The NRA Women’s Luncheon
Safer Faster Defense’s SFD Responder
Second Amendment Foundation
10K for 2A
Korth Revolvers
Cabot Guns

Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 141

EP141 GunBlog VarietyCast – Be Yourself… No, Not Like That!

I look forward to the day when being a gun owner no longer carries a social stigma.

Beth received a letter asking for speakers for Career Day at her son’s school, but when she told them she was a firearms instructor, they said “Thanks, but No Thanks.”
A man attempted to give girlfriend a ballistic abortion. Sean looks at his permanent record.
Barron is on assignment this week.
What’s worse than a rabid gun grabber running an anti-gun organization on Daddy Bloomberg’s money? A rabid gun grabber running a political campaign on Daddy Bloomberg’s money
In the Main Topic we welcome Special Guest Rob Morse of the Self Defense Gun Stories podcast.
Tiffany is headed off to NRAAM. Will she once again be the only black woman at a gun rights event? Or is there truly a place for people that look like her?
Convention season is upon us. Erin gives you tips on how to comfortably survive what she calls “kindergarten for grownups.”
ABC goes Full Gun Grab with “Designated Survivor”. Weer’d has the audio and the facts.
And our plug of the week is Magpul PMAG Glock magazines.

Thanks to LuckyGunner and Remington for their sponsorship. And a special thanks to Firearms Policy Coalition for their support

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