Afternoon Music: Good The Bad and the Ugly

Love this song, and this performance of it is the best ever IMHO.

The singer is the key to the song IMHO, and she’s even better than the one on the OST.

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Gunblog Varieity Cast Ep 49

Another Great show is up for you all to enjoy!

Show Notes Here, and show below!


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Images of the Antis: Misdirection

Sometimes I’m just amazed at how crass the bait-and-switch shows up in some of these images. Are there people dumb enough to be fooled by this? Honestly, I think it’s just pure confirmation bias, people seeing what they WANT to see.

First up the sad truth is that ANY state could have a mass shooting of this scale. Hell there have been TWO spree killings in Texas in the last few years, and given Texas’ view on Concealed carry and lethal force, that should be the bane to all spree killers.

But again, both of them were on Fort Hood, so technically not Texas STATE land, but Federal land, and…well we already talked about that.

Still just READ the damn text, Jindal worked hard to get rid of Louisiana’s bullshit carry laws, so now you can carry in Restaurants, bars, and churches.

And his statement was in reaction to a shooting in a Movie Theater with a certain policy.

Straight up bait-and-switch!

Good job, guys!

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Images of the Antis: Pure Ignorance

So as we know the forces looking to ban guns in America as a rule:

-Don’t Shoot
-Don’t carry
-Don’t Handle guns
-Make ZERO EFFORT to learn about the guns they want to ban
-Can’t even describe the guns they want to ban.

It’s really a badge of honor to them. You’ve seen the “Anti-Gun Blackface”, and you know it is a badge of honor for them not to be “Like Us”….and by “Like Us” they Mean Stupid, angry, overweight, white, Male, and CONSTANTLY dressed in hunting clothes, and probably living in some sort of fortified bunker, paralyzed with fear.

That’s how they see us, so they go to great lengths to not be like us…no matter how far from the mark their little straw man is. So because of that they have no idea how to operate a firearm, how a firearm operates, nor what firearm terms actually mean. Which leads us to this:

So first you can’t toss a fish reference to a Marine Biologist without expecting to take return fire:

Click here for a video…sorry I can’t embed it, but the video is REAL, Jacques Costeau, famous Marine Biologist fished with dynamite. He also did a bit of various fishing with a .38 Special according to his memoirs.

Still all dynamite fishing aside, let’s look at the term that the creator of the image didn’t understand:

Assault Rifle: “An assault rifle is a selective fire rifle that uses an intermediate cartridge and a detachable magazine.” So let’s first dive into INTERMEDIATE cartridge. An Assault Rifle does not use a full-power rifle cartridge, you know, like .30-06, .308 Win, .243 Winchester, 7mm Remington magnum, .300 Winchester Magnum…you know the cartridges that are commonly used in Medium to Big Game hunting rifles.

So there we have the first fallacy, we typically fish withe nets, or baited line, not dynamite, because dynamite is TOO POWERFUL. Assault Rifles by definition are LESS POWERFUL.

Select-Fire: As in it can be switched from full-auto and/or Burst fire to Semi-Auto…so one of the actions is the same as conventional hunting arms…the others are generally restricted from hunting and sport…so irrelevant.

And of course this is all just a misnomer as the author is likely talking about “ASSAULT WEAPONS” which people do frequently hunt with, which have a number of ambiguous definitions, but can generally be defined as an Assault Rifle manufactured to only fire in Semi-auto mode.

So again, semi-auto fire, nothing new, and LESS POWERFUL cartridge, so if anything we can assume the guns are LESS effective in hunting, rather than more.

Or in reality, intermediate cartridges with good load and bullet selection can be just as effective as full-power loads against appropriate game.

In short, they know NOTHING, but demand we change our lifestyles to suite their ignorance.


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Play Me Out: Goldfinger

LaWeer’da was drawing on her marker board and was drawing “Balloons”, her skill is still developing, so I had to take her word for it. Still she was drawing a bunch of “Red Balloons”, and you hear “Red Balloon” enough times, and you need to put on the music.

We started with the Nina classic, but moved on to this:

The girl likes Punk!


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Complaints Department, How may I Direct Your Call?

OK, I said I wasn’t going to tease the Squirrel Report anymore, but tonight we get out Festivus on and air our grievances.

So tonight call in and complain about what we do wrong! Also you can call in on what we do awesome, but should do more of.

So yeah, 9PM EST Hit that 214-530-0036 and let us know!!!

SA Squirrel Demon

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Interesting Argument You Make….

Found on Bloomberg’s “The Trace”:

The argument that all military service members should be armed with guns to protect themselves — proffered by GOP presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, and Donald Trump in the wake of the shooting deaths of four Marines and a sailor last week in Chattanooga, Tennessee — is so basic that there’s not much argument to it at all.

…Most service members — 99 percent of airmen, 88 percent of sailors, and about two-thirds of soldiers and Marines — are not in direct combat roles, but instead are technical workers whose specialties support those “tip of the spear” troops. These include navigators, supply clerks, water purification specialists, and camera crews. Roughly the same breakdown applies to the backgrounds of recruiters and reservists. Practically speaking, this means that your average military member’s firearms experience may only go as far as some boot camp familiarization with a service rifle on a “static range,” plinking at paper targets to qualify for a marksmanship ribbon. Some services are more stringent than others — “every Marine is a rifleman,” the old saw goes, but even most Marines only qualify annually in the narrow realm of target marksmanship, not tactical handgunning or law enforcement uses of firearms. Civilians may believe that all members of the military are “stone-cold killer weapons experts” — but their files say otherwise, as former Army Special Forces officer and Pentagon official Steven P. Bucci told the Boston Globe.

Let’s get down to brass tacks here. You don’t see mass shootings at Police Stations, you don’t see them at the NRA Convention, you don’t see them in public venues where carry is legal an the local isn’t posted. When two terrorists tried to do some killing in Texas they got their asses dirt-napped, and we laughed and laughed! Ha Ha, idiots you tried to shoot up TEXAS!

Yet Military bases and recruiting offices are SOFT TARGETS in this country. Despite the fact, as this article mentions, that no matter what your post is in the Armed forces, you know how to fight, and are in good physical health.

Warriors in Peak Physical form….and any dipshit with the stones to run a suicide mission can stack up the bodies before anybody with a gun can intervene! This is SO beyond Wrong, it’s ridiculous!

Hell in Grand Theft Auto Vice City (I know most of the other GTA games have one as well) there is a military base with cool, unique hardware you can steal. But you need to be good because the moment you enter the airspace, the air becomes thick with gunfire from the troops.

Obviously the team at Rockstar Games didn’t do any research, because in reality one idiot with a pistol can bring the whole base to it’s knees. No the fictional world makes more sense, that crossing into a military base with ill intent should be like crossing into the front line with a target on your back.

That out of the way, let’s get back to the “Rebuttal” by the Bloomberg drone. Yes indeed, most military folk aren’t trigger pullers. Military needs trucks driven, gear repaired, infrastructure erected, the sick and injured attended to. Yep, the military doesn’t give a damn about the service sidearm, it’s a stopgap that shouldn’t ever really be used, so your training is in a rifle, and that training likely didn’t go beyond static range training with paper targets.

You know what that sounds like? THE POLICE FORCE!

These days many cops have never fired a gun until they get to the police range at the academy. They will be issued only a handful of guns, and if they take no initiative beyond their basic teaching, these will be the ONLY guns they know anything about. Some of the bigger cities have some more dynamic training, but the bulk of all police officers are trained on a square range on paper targets with VERY lax time constraints. They will only shoot their gun once, possibly twice a year depending on how often they are REQUIRED to qualify with their weapon.

And we arm EVERY DAMN COP out there. Note that most of them are assigned to sleepy towns, and will spend the bulk of their day writing traffic citations, and clearing up domestic disputes where the anger is between the two partners, not the cops. Most cops go an entire career without clearing leather outside of that square range.

And we arm EVERY DAMN COP out there. Hell, today I saw a guy wearing a “Police” vest and what looked like a uniform, directing traffic. Yet there was no visible sidearm. Just this aspect made me wonder what that guy’s deal was.

Now step back to the armed civilian. They are more likely to have interest in guns beyond basic requirements, but honestly that’s FAR from 100%. They are only required to fire a handful of rounds through a gun, which may not even resemble any guns they own, and they need not repeat this when they renew. They likely weren’t “Tip of the Spear” Operators operating operationally, and they’re likely not even a good shot. Also their personal firearm very well might be the cheapest piece of shit they found at the local pawn shop.

Yet they can successfully defend themselves with a firearm without harming innocent bystanders.

So yeah, interesting argument you’re making. Too bad we’re already comfortable with that scenario already.

Arm the troops at home already! The US Military should not be a soft target for domestic terrorism!

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That Stingray “Eye”

Always wondered about the white “Eye” seen on many stingray leather products.

Well I found this video:

Good, I like the more natural look of the leather better.

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Yeah There Was a Squirrel Report

Alan is stopping with the pre-show blog. The people who are free at 9pm EST on Thursday know who they are, and new listeners can figure us out.

So yeah, I’ll just be pimping the show when it goes live for download instead…and I was busy all weekend with family, so if you haven’t listened yet, download it now!

Sqrpt Squirrel 1

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Gun Blog Variety Cast Ep. 48

Another good show for this week!

Show notes here, podcast below!


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