Another Day for Squirrel!

This will be a great show if only because these are topics I can talk about all night.

In Honor of this weekend’s date of 4/20, we’ll be talking about the War on (some) drugs, and the popularity of legalizing drugs by people who don’t use them.

The call in topic will be about affirmative action! There of course was a recent supreme court case, but I really find our call-in topic more interesting.

Have you ever embellished or omitted your race on a form or application? Do you have a distant relative that is of a preferred minority race that honestly doesn’t really reflect who you are, but you’ve mentioned it on a form? Or are you like me, and know that describing yourself as “White” on any form will always be doing you a disservice?

So at 9pm EST give us a call at 214-530-0036 and be part of the fun!


SA Squirrel Standing
(Squirrel of African Heritage)

(Squirrel of color not otherwise specified)

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Jeff Gets His Whiper On

Man I loved suppressed guns!

Looks like a ton of fun! Also .300 BLK is about the same power level of .30-30 Winchester, and if you’re allowed to hunt with semi-autos and suppressors I can’t think of a better gun for brush-hunting deer and similar game!

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The Social Side of the Gun Issue

So many of you are packing up and heading to Indianapolis for the NRA annual meeting. Part of me is sad I’ll be missing it, especially since there are a bunch of you who will be there who I haven’t seen since last year, Jay will be there, who I haven’t seen since before my daughter was born, and there are a bunch of you who I’ve been wanting to meet face-to-face for years who will be there.

The other part of me is completely exhausted, and will be attempting to sleep in and get chores done this weekend, rather than putting them off for yet another week.

Still we’ll get back to the pro-gun side and what we do when we get together.

Let’s look at the antis. Two recent protests here. the Brady Campaign:

Brady Protest

Not sure which group these guys belong to, if any:

First up, almost no people under the age of 50, and 60+ appears to be the average age for both, possibly skewed by low turn-out. Numbers are also small. Still also look at their faces. They’re sour, angry people.

Now back to pro-gun. We’d probably look the same way if our movement was truly similar. If we were the “Defensive Gun Use Lobby”, and all we focused on was shooting and/or killing criminals we’d be a pretty dour bunch as well. You see, all the anti-gun side really talks about is “Gun Death” and “Gun Violence”. Sure they also talk about background checks, and banning certain guns or accessories, but its all framed as “Gun Death” and “Gun Violence”. That’s all they really boil down to.

Meanwhile at the NRA show its a party atmosphere. People are handling cool guns! I get excited about guns I have no interest in ever owning just because they’re COOL! I own guns that I have just because they’re cool and/or fun to shoot. We have hunting, we have target shooting, we have action shooting.

Now the other side may have all the social sides we do. I mean we don’t spend the whole time of the conventions talking about guns and 2nd Amendment rights. There’s generally a lot of talk about food, our families, our other hobbies ect. In the evenings we’ll put up the guns and have some adult beverages. Still I even have my doubts about this, as you never hear about a bunch of anti-gun people gathering in a restaurant just for a meet-and-greet. You don’t have web forums like The High Road, Northeast Shooters, or for social interaction.

Hell Mas Ayoob makes his bread-and-butter from training and teaching people how to deal with using lethal force against other people, and being an expert witness in court for homicide cases, yet he’s also well known as an avid action pistol shooter and hunter. He’s a funny and nice guy, but I doubt he would be quite as funny and nice if ALL he ever did was look at autopsy photos and recount stories of when some guy had to shoot some other guy.

We joke that there is no such thing as an anti-gun show, but really the truth is there is no such thing as having FUN while being an anti-gun activist. There just isn’t room for it. Hell we joke about their “Blood Dancing” and idea that some anti-gun activists get excited and happy when they hear about a shooting like Sandy Hook, and how it was young children killed, and an AR-15 was used. I don’t know if that happens, but even if it does they can’t admit to it because it’s simply ghoulish.

Yet when Remington released the R-51 people got REALLY excited because it was new and neat, and many of us are disappointed that at the time of me typing this, it isn’t really a great gun.

I self-describe myself as a Kahr Fanboy, because I think their guns are REALLY cool. I like looking at and handling their guns, even tho I really don’t see myself buying another gun from them since my PM45 is really all that I need. I get joy from guns because they are FUN! Of course I CARRY guns because they might save my life, or the lives of my family one day. That part isn’t fun, but gun rights are saved by the fact that hitting the range, and taking new shooters for their first shots is FUN!!!

There is no fun in being anti-gun. Further there are LOTS of places that have all the gun control laws in the world, and yet they are still dangerous places, and innocent adults and children are murdered there. In the UK they went from banning guns, to banning knives. So even the idea that they can deal with this ugly topic until its solved is unrealistic. The people in these pictures have devoted themselves to being miserable until the day they die.

Isn’t that horrible?

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“Gun Death” Home Invasion

Gun not needed:

A central Ohio coroner says an elderly woman killed during a burglary at her apartment this week was stabbed to death.

Now she’s just as dead as if she had been shot. Still this shows the other side of the “Gun Death?” Files, what if this woman had had a gun? Things might have turned out BETTER!

Some “Gun Deaths” are good, and other deaths without guns are bad. Why are they counting this way?

H/T Mike W

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4/20 in Denver

A Coworker of mine was on vacation in Colorado last week. I just so happened he was on the steps of the capital on Sunday at exactly 4:20pm Local time. He snapped a picture of the marijuana festival at that time!

Denver Smoke

Man, I know in slang that’s a “Grass Fire”, but I’ve seen grass fires in fields that needed fire intervention that didn’t make that much smoke!

Interestingly, there were a few cops around, and while they noted that the venue was not approved to allow public smoking the cops admitted that dealing with the local potheads were much easier than dealing with drunks after last call.

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Question for the Readers

Hey, I was talking about my distaste for the American SWAT teams and their horrible raids in the US with my wife this morning, and I mentioned the Mathew David Stewart case. He was the US Veteran living in Ogden Utah who was growing a few pot plants and working a steady job, and a SWAT team decided to kick in his door while he was sleeping. Having his door kicked in he shot the intruders and killed an officer.

This was back in 2012, I know they were trying to give him the death penalty, but that was the last I heard of this case. Anybody local have any updates, or was this guy just disappeared?

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“Gun Death” School Stabbing

I think this story may have gotten lost in the shuffle.

Only one student remains in critical condition after a stabbing rampage earlier this month at a high school outside Pittsburgh, a hospital official said Saturday.

A spokeswoman for Forbes Regional Hospital in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, said a 15-year-old boy injured in the incident remains in critical condition.

Suspect Alex Hribal, 16, is alleged to have seriously injured at least 20 students and a security officer at Franklin Regional Senior High School in Murrysville, Pa., on April 9.

Thankfully nobody was killed, but to still be in critical condition after all this time tells me it was sheer luck that there wasn’t many deaths.

Hey, but we should ban guns!


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Dogs In Swings

Evidently it’s a thing…..

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A Day in Pro-Daddy Land

So after little LaWeer’da had her first nap and her second Bottle for the day we went to her FAVORITE place on the planet…THE GROCERY STORE!!

Shopping Thing

All the fun stuff and people to look at AND Daddy let her touch the hand-scanner! She’s been DYING to do that. She also wants to taste it, but that is NOT allowed! She was laughing and baby-talking the whole time, but there is a limit to how much excitement a baby can take!

Tired From Shopping

She often falls asleep in the 5 min drive home from the store, but generally wakes up before the groceries are put away. Not this time, she took a two hour nap in her car seat!

While she was sleeping I did some chores and cooked lunch, and when she woke up she was ready for her lunch…and while I was eating mine there was an EPIC poop explosion made. No pix of that, but I was tempted!

Then we took advantage of the great weather and went for a nice walk. She was awake for most of it and enjoyed the scenery and the wind in her hair…but excitement has its limits!

Tired From Lake

I love my Job as a professional daddy!

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Images of the Pantsless!

From Robb’s twitter

He did an image by my request but this one had me rolling!

Ain’t that the truth!

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