A Potential Cure for the Peanut Allergy

So here’s a thing I have a lot of mixed feelings about. Peanut allergies.

Now for starters I had a few childhood friends with peanut allergies, and my Aunt is allergic to peanuts. I also have a bunch of friends and relatives who are allergic to various food-stuffs in an Anaphylactic sort of way.

So the fact that my daughter’s school is a nut-free zone (food, not the people, they still let me and LaWeer’da in the door) I have mixed feelings about. Of course since she’s just a toddler, I really makes sense. Little kids get into EVERYTHING, and don’t know any better, so the possibility that a tasty snack might kill them graveyard dead seems a good reason to have a ban.

Still she’s likely going to live a huge portion of her life in “nut free zones”, which does piss me off. A buddy of mine who was a year younger than me, and lived down the street from me had a peanut allergy. Every time he was offered a snack or some food he would instinctual ask “Does this have peanuts in it?”. That was some good parenting. Much like how you keep your finger off the trigger of a gun, even after you’ve removed all ammo from it, and visually and physically inspected it to verify that it is indeed unloaded. You take some extra caution when something could cause you deadly consequences.

Still I see things as if you put too much caution in a controlled environment, you get bad things in the real world. So the kid with a peanut allergy who has been sheltered from nuts through school suddenly goes to the break room at his crappy menial job, and his throat closes up and he dies making minimum wage….

But maybe if the reports are true my daughter might not have to live in this new bubble wrap world:

Seats might be opening up at the peanut-free table; Australian researchers found a possible cure for people with potentially-fatal peanut allergies.

The secret’s in a daily dose of peanut protein powder and the probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus. After eating this mixture in increasing amounts for 18 months, 80 percent of the participants in the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute study were able to eat peanuts, reaction-free.

Now this report isn’t 100% percent clear. It uses “reaction free” as the metric. I’d personally be a LOT more liberal about success. See I’m allergic to most fur-bearing mammals (stupid for a guy who works with Mice!), and my wife is allergic to raw tree fruits, but an attack of these allergies is little more than a serious inconvenience, vs a trip to the ER that most people who accidentally eat some trace amounts of peanuts. If some of the subjects get some shortness of breath or some topical itching, I’d still call that a success.

God I hope this treatment works, because a peanut butter sandwich (especially with sriracha!) is a thing of beauty!

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Tonight There Will Be Squirrel!

So Jay is returning to the show after spending last week at SHOT Show in Vegas. Chester Murphy from The Road Gunner Podcast was also there so he’ll be joining us to share his impressions and stories as well.

Other topics will be the Snow Storm that did (or didn’t) hit the North East, more talk of the death of blogging, as well as much much more!

It’s the SQUIRREL REPORT! SHITSHOT Show edition! And remember at 9pm EST call in with your stories of SHOT, Snow, food, squirrels, or beer….whatever and join us for a good time! 214-530-0036!

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“Gun Death” Anti-Hunting Laws

In New Jersey where their hunters are under constant assault:

A Rutgers University student was killed by a black bear over the weekend, the police said on Monday, the first such recorded death in New Jersey.

The student, Darsh Patel, 22, and four friends were hiking on Sunday in the Apshawa Preserve in the northern part of the state, about 40 miles from New York City. They encountered a black bear, which began to follow them, according to the police in West Milford, a township that includes the preserve.

The friends told the police they scrambled to get away from the bear, all running in different directions. Four of the men later found one another, and they called the police to help search for their missing friend, according to the authorities. Mr. Patel’s body was found about two hours later.

“Evidence at the scene indicated that the victim had been attacked by a bear,” the West Milford Police Department said in a statement.

Investigators added that a 300-pound bear was found at the scene and was “immediately euthanized.”

Recently Maine won a battle that would have limited hunter’s ability to hunt black bears, and New Jersey constantly tries to ban their annual bear season. This was hardly in the untamed wilderness either.

Of course the anti-gunners in New Jersey will ignore this story, and continue to limit efforts to control the population of these animals, and of course continue the practical ban on carrying firearms with which people attacked by animals can use to protect themselves.

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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Well I Guess My Love Life is Screwed!

Some Junk Science via Mrs. Weer’d

According to a study published in the latest issue of Pediatrics, twenty-somethings born preterm (before 37 weeks) are less likely to move in with a romantic partner or have sexual intercourse than their peers born even one week later.

Researchers found that those who were born early or late preterm were also less likely to find themselves attractive, and more likely to still live with their parents. The findings, which compared survey responses from 753 twenty-something adults born in Finland between 1985 and 1989, showed that preterm birth can have an adverse effect on social health, in addition to the more obvious physical effects.

Previous studies have found that individuals born preterm might be more cautious and less risk-taking than those born at full term, which might also be reflected in our findings of lower likelihood of romantic relations,” says lead study author Dr. Tuija Mannisto, a researcher and fellow in clinical chemistry with the National Institute for Health and Welfare and the Northern Finland Laboratory Centre Nordlab in Oulu, Finland.


Man, I guess I’ll die a virgin because that’s me in that photo! Oh wait, I have a daughter, and I’m about to celebrate my 10th Wedding anniversary.

Also don’t tell my co-podcaster Barron from the Gun Blog Variety Cast! I’ve seen pictures of his Wife! I bet she’d be surprised that because he was also a preemie that she doesn’t exist!

Junk science! Why not just say the people of Finland are a bunch of 40 year old virgins?

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Oh The Anti-Gun Insanity

Man anti-gunners are a bunch of nuts!

I’m old enough to remember when the NRA was invited into our schools to educate students on gun safety. Yes, I’m old, and I grew up in rural Alaska, but the NRA as an institution has changed as much as everything else has since then. It now operates as a lobby for gun manufacturers rather than for responsible gun owners who grew up with the traditions of hunting and shooting.

Actually the NRA represents the gun-owning public. They’re also still heavily invested in gun safety training, too bad the anti-gunners are not keeping them out of the schools. In a nation where students are suspended for biting a food item into a gun shape, or pointing a finger at somebody and saying “Pew Pew!” how can we have gun safety training?

One week after the massacre, the NRA, in a paranoid fit, proposed changes. Let’s have more guns in schools! Armed guards have been present at many massacres and haven’t been able to stop them. And who is supposed to pay for the wages and benefits for armed guards at every school in the nation? “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun,” says the NRA. It’s a nice advertisement for gun sales but it’s ludicrous. The bad guy in Tucson, Ariz., who shot Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was stopped because he was reloading. Should we have armed guards everywhere there has been a mass shooting? Schools, malls, theaters, grocery stores and churches? Are they proposing a jobs bill?

Of course there have been many tragedies stopped because of armed guards or police, but it’s obvious you’re more concerned with your agenda than facts.

“If only those teachers had a gun,” laments the NRA. At a time when teachers are blamed for far more than what is in their control, and for being “union thugs,” you want them to carry a weapon? Seriously? Think about that for a minute. A company in Utah had profits jump 500 percent this week by selling BULLET-PROOF BACKPACKS FOR CHILDREN. Children should not be shouldering the panic. The best thing about little children is they haven’t figured out yet that some people want to hurt them. Times have changed. If you’re not a cynic by third grade, you’re not paying attention.

Odd, places where the employees are NOT restricted on having guns, there aren’t mass shootings. Not thwarted mass shootings…they just don’t happen there? Many of these spree killers leave behind manifestos or other media, and in most cases they are looking to rack up the biggest body count before encountering somebody else with a gun. They’re concerned about this, so oddly they avoid places where the average citizen can carry a gun.

Also, if you don’t think children should be shouldering the panic, why are you writing this? All around America children have a greater risk of being hit by a car on their way to or from school, than being attacked by a spree killer. But “Progressives” like to drive around, so we MUST focus on the guns issue, because political hackery!

I’m worried that again nothing will happen in the face of a great problem. The violence that destroyed so many lives in Newtown, Conn., has changed the discussion in this country on gun control, but will that be enough this time?

Ummm, gun ownership is up. Carry permits are up, and violent crime is DOWN! But you don’t care, because you hate guns!

In Alaska, many of us need guns to fill our freezers, but if you need a 30-round clip you’re a pretty poor hunter. If you are hoarding automatic (yes, they are legal) or semi-automatic weapons, you need Viagra.

Ahh, dick jokes! This is a pretty weak article, and so far that’s the literal BEST you have. Also love when antis embrace the hunters! You know, because George Washington crossed the Delaware to get to his duck blind!

Oh, that’s right, it’s about the “well-regulated militia.” The Second Amendment was written by men who had fought alongside men who didn’t survive their revolt against tyranny. They had the assistance of the French government. They used muskets. If you think it is your right or duty to overthrow the government at this point in time, you’re going to need more than a few guns and monster clips. You’ll need weapons-grade uranium, a few tanks, a submarine and an army of your own to go up against our 3 million strong military. You very well may need the aid of another country. Good luck with that, and I think your three-cornered hat may be on a little too tight. The same founders who thought a militia was a good idea would never have expanded gun ownership to blacks. The whole slavery situation could have gotten awkward quickly.

Uh huh. You need weapons grade Uranium, and submarines to win a war! The Iraqis and the Afghans didn’t seem to need them, did they. As for tanks, and army, not easy, but acquirable.

As for extending the ownership to blacks, yeah that is a sad part of the past. Still at the time of the drafting of the 2nd Amendment blacks were not considered people by the United States Government. Of course we fixed that with the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution which clarified the rights to keep and bear arms (as well as every other right) to blacks….and then the Democrats drafted the first gun control laws to stop that from happening.

You know, the same laws you’re so in love with today. So yeah, you’re a racist monster. Can we quit this shit?

So the tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of kindergarteners, mall shoppers and moviegoers? Is that freedom?

No that’s a “Gun Free Zone” filled with soft targets. Thanks antis!

I’m not advocating for no guns. I like mine and am not about to give them up. But in this country, my uterus is more regulated than my guns. Birth control and reproductive health services are harder to get than bullets. What is that about? Guns don’t kill people — vaginas do?

Ahhh, dick jokes AND “I’m a gun owner but….” DOUBLE COMBO!!! Also, since when are uteri more regulated than guns? Felons have uteri. I helped MAKE a uterus with no paperwork needed. Felons are allowed to have kids. If you’ve had an abortion because you practiced unsafe sex, you’re welcome to have more kids…and abort them if you so wish. WTF??

When the cottonwood is flying and Alaskans are all lined up for Sudafed, we have to get it from a pharmacist, give them our identification, and the state keeps track of how much we’re consuming just so they’re sure we’re not running a meth lab. I get it, meth is bad, but I can buy bullets right off the shelf.

I’m sure in your town there is also somebody selling meth too. So the Pseudoephedrine restrictions are completely worthless, so the best idea is to make MORE things subject to pointless bans! That sounds smart!

One hundred percent of passengers on an airplane go through screening checkpoints, but 40 percent of gun purchases are made without background checks through the loophole that allows purchase at gun shows, many of which are held in schools.

Everything said here is 100% true! I guess it’s time to turn in my guns….WTF???

Last Christmas a class of kindergarteners caught snowflakes on their tongues and spent the holidays with loving families. This year, no stockings are needed. There is no way to know, if we’d had the much-needed conversation years ago, that the tragedy in Newtown could have been avoided. But we owe it to them to have it now.

So a lawful gun owner was MURDERED, her guns and her car were stolen. The killer then chose a soft target to shoot up before killing himself.

Yep, we DEFINITELY need more laws!

Strange why us gun owners don’t want to play with people like this.

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Via Joat

The internet loves cats…I love the ducklings!

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Back to the Shovel!

So I daycare had a late opening, so I got all my gear ready so I could drop her off fast and hopefully make the last rush hour train to Boston so I could make a very late arrival in the lab.

And then that train got cancelled, and so far train service has been spotty. Looking like I would be spending a trivial amount of time at work for a potentially disastrous commuter time, I contacted a few people who live closer to the lab, and they managed to cover all critical events for today.

So yeah, those back steps that didn’t get shoveled? I’m out to the cold again!

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“Gun Death” Free Weights


Bay Area area plumber was arrested Thursday after he allegedly bludgeoned a man to death with a steel barbell at a Bally Total Fitness gym, police said.

…”I think he saw the other guy talking to her, flirting with her, and I think he got really angry, came up from behind and hit him in the head with a bar we use for tricep dips,” Felipe Mendes told the paper.

Over flirting with a woman? Now we can speculate if steroid use was an issue…still the use of this drug is quite wide spread and not every juicer is a rage-fueled murderer, and we have seen many case where a sober person can be this brutal.

The antis say they focus on guns because they make it “too easy” for a simple argument to escalate to murder…try explain that to the family of this victim…

H/T Whipped Cream Difficulties

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OK It’s Bad Out There

So I stepped outside because the furnace was sucking in snow, and the dryer vent was under the snow and I wanted to do laundry…and yeah it’s SO deep. I’m in for a quick break, I suspect most of the day will be clearing snow.

6pm EST halfway done!

10:30pm EST Screw this, I don’t use the back door anyway! I’ll shovel that later! I’m off to bed!

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“Gun Death” More Monsters

They exist:

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) – A man who police say confessed to beating and strangling his pregnant girlfriend and burying her beside a cornfield has been indicted by a central Ohio grand jury on charges including aggravated murder.

…Other charges include aggravated arson, tampering with evidence and gross abuse of a corpse.

No respect for life, born or unborn, no respect for the law, and no respect for private property. Yet because he didn’t use a gun this story will get ZERO play from the antis, who’s sole goal is to remove our means of protection against these beasts.

Monsters are rare, but they are real…


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