Squirrel Report (Yeah We Still Do These)

Been ages since I promoted a Squirrel Report here, but we still do them, as if you didn’t know that!

It’s just an excuse to share this awesome picture!

Squirrel Fans!

NRA meeting was awesome! And it was great meeting so many fans!

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Weer’d and Ryan Hit the Road

So Ryan had the forethought to record our drive across country to Louisville and back. The results are…..well interesting

Man that was a LONG drive!

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The Highlight of My NRA Show

So while walking the floor I saw a booth filled with Bullpup Rifles. I dislike bullpups, and I really handled these just so I could Mock. The Tavor is such a heavily marketed rifle, and it’s all sizzle but no steak…I assumed a small manufacturer would be even worse.

Oh no! The trigger on this gun was awesome! Not awesome for a Bullpup, like the Styer Aug, but AWESOME for a RIFLE! This trigger was better than many of the AR-15s on the market, let alone bullpups.

The controls are still bullpup, but it uses an AR-15 magazine release and bolt release, so while not as easy as the control suite on a standard AR, you can easily do all the necessary work with a mag change by simply releasing your support hand and bringing it to the action in the stock.

The safety is a standard cross-bolt that operates similar to many hunting guns and shotguns.

Then the proprietor Ken, while talking to me mentioned that the rifle I was holding was his new .308 Platform.

I was suddenly in love! So much that I came by the next day and conducted this interview.

Ken said he can pin a brake or in my case an end cap onto the muzzle threads and with a 10 round magazine, I will have a Mass legal rifle.

I’d been looking at an AR-10 type rifle for a while because I really wanted to get an optics-ready gun with rails that I could mount accessories on, but the lack of pre-ban magazines had been holding me back.

This gun is unique and interesting enough that I’m willing to forgo that. Also I’ve been desiring a rifle with a folding or collapsible stock so I could have a gun that fit into a small range bag…given that folding stocks near unanimously make a gun an “Assault Weapon” under Mass law, this is one way to circumvent that.

So yeah, stay tuned, because I really want one of these rifles.

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Lucky Gunner and The Pending Lawsuit Funds

So this week’s Gunblog Variety Cast I covered an interview with Sandy Phillips on a panel of “Mothers Against Gun Violence”. (I reposed the show below for listening or download)

In that interview Sandy said this:

Sandy Phillips…The Judge on the First Motion dismissed the case and left us with originally $264,000, but he was kind enough to $203,000…
JuJu Chang Host: And you had to pay the ammo company?
Sandy Phillips: Well we haven’t and we won’t [Laughs]

That is really disgusting! They take a law-abiding and upstanding company like Lucky Gunner to court simply to be a bludgeon against them, and any other company that wants to engage in lawful commerce in guns or ammunition. Like the Clinton Era lawsuits that spawned the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act, victory was never considered as a likely outcome, instead the purpose was to tie Lucky Gunner up in a lengthy and expensive lawsuit that could either be used to force political compliance, or simply bankrupt the company. Also to send a message to similar law-abiding companies that they too must submit or be forced into similar dead-end trials.

It even says so in the law:

(4) To prevent the use of such lawsuits to impose unreasonable burdens on interstate and foreign commerce.

So I decided to reach out to Lucky Gunner this weekend and talk about this, and request an official statement. They were kind enough to send one to me:

“By their own admission, this lawsuit was orchestrated and funded by the Brady Center and it appears that the Brady Center intends to leave the Phillips paying the bill.

We take the Brady Center’s attack on the Second Amendment very seriously and spent our own money defending against their attacks. As of today, the Phillips have yet to pay a single dollar as ordered by the court.

As we’ve promised – when the Brady Center does pay, the funds will be invested in protecting against future assaults on the rights of Americans.

The couple is currently living out of an RV, likely as means to keep their assets from being seized for non-compliance with the law.

And as Lucky Gunner stated, this lawsuit was the Brady Campaign’s doing, but they have no interest in paying for the damage they created.

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The Cabot “Big Bang” 1911 Set

These were absolutely AMAZING guns. Cabot makes some REALLY impressive 1911s, but these were LITERALLY Out of This World.

Breathtaking guns.

Cabot Metorite 1

So the meteor the guns were made from was mostly made of Nickle and Iron, making it a natural sort of Stainless steel. It’s softer than conventional steel, so Cabot welded conventional steel rails to the gun, and this is one of their test scraps

Test Rail

While the steel is softer than what Cabot makes their other guns from, these are actually shoot-able guns, and should live a moderately long service life….still where they shine (LITERALLY shine) is their looks!

Cabot Metorite 2

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A New Gig for Me

While working the floor with Ryan of Handgun Radio I got to be his Cameraman!

We need to do a show with Grant to talk about all the little details on these Korth Revolvers

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 92 Sean Survives Gun Skool!

Didn’t get a chance to post this because I was on the road, but indeed we have another Gunblog Variety cast for you!

Adam and Sean bring you Episode 92 of The GunBlog VarietyCast – Sean Survives Gun Skool!
Erin Palette answers my questions about water storage containers
Beth Alcazar tries to explain pink guns
Silicon Graybeard tells you how to get started in electronics as a hobby
and Weer’d finds another group of moms waging war against guns and calling it a war against gun violence


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Home Again

Got back from Louisville at 2:00 am (!!) It was such a great show. Sebastian says it was the 2nd Most attended convention after the last show I went to in Houston, it was a REALLY good convention center for it, it was crowded, but the center handled it well.

Still 80,500 coming to one part of the country under their own dime is a LOT of people, and it really doesn’t reflect the common argument that most gun owners aren’t happy with the NRA representation, and we want more gun control.

To tide you over while I recover from the long days and lack of sleep, Ryan and I sat down in our room every evening and recorded a short recap that will be cut to a podcast.

I am as tired as I look!

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All checked in to my hotel in Louisville for the NRAAM.

You can see some of the hijinks Ryan posted from the road here

Time for a shower and a nap!

Hope to see all of you who are here!

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Gunblog Variety Cast Ep 90: Erin’s sick, Sean’s angry, and Adam’s Jeep is in pieces

Episode 90 is up!

Erin Palette is still sick from her trip out to Tennessee, but she dragged herself to her microphone and points us to a really fantastic series of articles she wrote about ionizing radiation.

Nicki Kenyon answers my question, Trump or Hillary, who would Russia prefer?

Beth Alcazar, fresh off the Concealed Carry Expo talks with Kelly Welke about the new USCCA initiative, Women’s Community

Silicon Graybeard wraps up the questions about LED shop lights. Don’t miss this one.

And Weer’d finds us a very interesting Australian TV show about gun politics in Australia 20 years after the Port Arthur Massacre.

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