Trolls All The Way Around

In the comments of my morning post Alcade drops this gem.

Excellent post! I, too, have noticed that lieberals avoid talking about the issues (whether it be guns, healthcare, whatever) like the plague. Forget the issues, look at the person! One has only to look at the attacks on Sarah Palin by every leftist group imaginable, including N.O.W. … if those on the right pulled that crap you’d have every media outlet in the nation clamoring for heads to roll.

Have you also noticed that none of these people have any experience in anything useful? They all work pathetic government jobs (or nonprofits) where, like Craig Hexman, they run around being the world’s busybody in order to justify their pathetic existence?

OK first I could get into a semantic discussion and debate if its a “Liberal” condition or a “Progressive” condition. I would say I would be more comfortable to say this is a shared condition of so-called “Progressives” AKA modern-day followers of Marx and National Socialism.

By nature Marxism and Socialism are the failed political experiments of the 20th Century. The first Marxist and Socialist revolutions happened early in the 20th Century, and the vast majority of them had committed mass genocide before the clock struck 2000, and of the surviving Marxist Republics widespread poverty, and horrendous human rights abuses. I’m still waiting to hear that Hugo Chavez has started putting people into cattle cars.

If you call yourself “Progressive” today you HAVE to be divorced from reality. The claim redistribution of wealth, and protection of the little man against the fat cats…but we have totalitarian dictatorships and massive genocide and poverty, and of course a powerful aristocracy running the show. They preach “Eat the Rich”, but that just won’t cover the bill.

They don’t subscribe to a philosophy that is supported by reality and fact, but emotion and blind faith. Because of that they can’t debate with non-believers, they do often simply go for personal attacks.

Alcade mentions Sarah Palin, but we could turn to the “Progressives” attacking George Walker Bush for his College partying and his years of alcoholism, or how about his wife’s teenage fatal car accident? Had you heard about that? I knew about it because I read lefty blogs who brought it up in irrelevant ways. How about the fact that the Bush Daughters got pinched for underage drinking in college. Yeah because we ALL waited until we were 21. I actually DID wait until I was 21 to start drinking…tho even then in college I did drink a hard apple cider when hanging out with a buddy, and I did have some really nice Sake at a holiday party with a few of my professors. Still I was a bit of an oddball, and the only reason why I didn’t get drunk until after my 21st birthday was just to see if I could do it.
How about the people wishing that Dick Cheney would succumb to his heart condition, or the people who told us all that if John McCain was elected President he’d probably die shortly after his inauguration. Or better yet, the guy who made this movie, wasn’t exactly a Conservative. And of course it wasn’t Libertarians who made this website, or spread around the links to it.

So yeah he has a point, it is not just anti-gun people but anybody who supports the “Progressive” agenda on blind faith. They can’t debate the facts or the issues, so they’ll just do anything they can to attack the people who disagree with them personally.

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  1. Old NFO says:

    Good post Weerd, pretty much matches my philosophy, but I DO love tweaking some of the LWLs I work with… I just turn their argument around on them and leave em sputtering in their frou-frou coffee… 🙂

  2. alcade says:

    Well said.

    Here’s some logic that rendered me speechless (hard to do). My cousin is a card carrying, dues paying socialist. Right after the election, we had a family get together for breakfast in a restaurant. My mom noticed some pancake syrup on her chair, and used a napkin to clean it up. My cousin remarked that it was because all the workers were so depressed over the last eight years of Bush that they couldn’t muster the effort to do their jobs.

    My jaw dropped when I realized he was being serious.

    The lefties will do anything for a scapegoat to blame for their own shortcomings. Nevermind the facts.

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