Trolls All The Way Up

Now I often talk about how I don’t bother addressing the quotes and arguments of the nobodies in the anti-freedom blogosphere. My argument is that they give amazingly bigoted quotes, and fall into nasty traps, but frankly they only speak for themselves, and frankly they have all demonstrated themselves to be deeply damaged people who don’t represent how a normal or well-adjusted person views the world. So while lots of these goons say nasty horrible things, it really only covers that one jerk, just as some Klansman in a tar-paper shack talking about how Obama is a rotten President, mostly because he’s a N***er, doesn’t speak for me just because I too dislike Obama as the President of the United states. While you’ll see here I will quote these goons when their quotes end up speaking for large amounts of a group. You see Mike Bonomo thinks all gun owners should be registered, all guns should be locked up, and there should be no private sales ever (Tho he PERSONALLY knows that won’t work)…but yeah he’s a lunatic, and a troll, as well as an admitted criminal promoting gun control and gun bans…still in that post you see Brady Board Member, and Joyce Foundation Spokeswoman Joan Peterson agreeing with him (not to mention approving his comment), now we’re speaking for a lot of people, and thanks to Joan having a dirty finger in a lot of pots, she speaks for the vast majority of people who are pushing anti-freedom laws in this nation.

So I say that to lead into this flap. (More relevant information here, here, here, and here) Essentially Tango, who’s somebody who I’ve talked with quite frequently on the Gunblogger Conspiracy , I won’t lie he was one of the many great people on the Conspiracy who I didn’t regularly read, needless to say that has changed.

Essentially Tango, like myself and many others, likes to engage the lies of the anti-rights cultists. Given that they are liars they can’t actually debate, they have two options, “Reasoned Discourse” such as closing or moderating the comment section on their blogs, or blocking different-minded people on twitter. Their other action is of course to personally attack the person who disagrees with them. The money quote for their jackbooted thuggery is here:

Craig Hexham: Okay, making fun of idiots is always easy and fun. This, however, transcends “making fun of.” Seriously, because YOU know where he is publicly available, YOU are responsible to report him to Child Protective Services. If you don’t have enough information to report him to a local or state authority (and I assume you don’t) you MUST report him to your state’s ICAC (Internet Crimes Against Children) authority and they can chase him down. Contact either your state police or local ICAC office. Anyone who admits to having “shoved a piece of food into the boy’s mouth ‘a dozen times,’ forcing him to eat it” MUST be investigated by CPS to ensure the safety of the child. This is not just about the crazy gun-owner anymore, this has to do with EVERYTHING you state that you stand for as an organization.

Coalition to Stop Gun Violence: Will do, Craig.

I have yet to hear if the authorities have been contacted on this bogus charge (if you haven’t read the above posts, you should, but essentially they are saying Tango is a child abuser because he was demanding that his boy be polite and try one bite of all food on his plate, and when he refused he placed a small bite in his mouth. Of course you’ll see in the above links they even misquoted him to make the scenario sound much more horrible.

But the bottom line from the antis is “Disagree with us, and we’ll personally attack you, and that includes going after your children”. There have been many more cases of this. There was a case of an anti-gun commenter, I belive at the Huffington Post or maybe the Brady Blog calling the National Guard on a blogger, Jadegold called the US Postoffice claiming that Kaveman committed Indentitiy theft and mail fraud for giving him an NRA gift membership, as a matter of fact Jade is possibly one of the most well-known trolls, at least in the gunblogs and message boards. Its the general consensus to ban him on sight, and the list of blogs that have a policy against him are too numerous to list. Even I have had a foolish personal attack leveled against me by a blogger simply because I didn’t agree with his foolish views. Nothing ever cam of that either. With luck Tango will be as fortunate as any other blogger who’s been cyber-stalked by a gun-grabber. But little incidents like this show that they’re all connected, they’re all trolls, bigots, and are perfectly willing to strike out and do personal and physical harm against anybody who dares disagree with them, you’ll notice that Brady Board Member and Joyce Foundation Spokeswoman Joan Peterson is in the above call that Tango’s family should be taken away from him.

Essentially all people who are in favor of gun control are also cyberstalkers, trolls, and narcissists, just some conceal it better. They are dangerous people simply for the insane and desperate lengths they will go to to implement ineffective laws that get good people killed. And you wonder why they seem to agree that there should be universal registration of gun owners, and open records of their names and addresses.

I did a post ages about this back in the Livejournal days (apologies for my crude proto-blogging) here on Narcissistic Personality disorder.

I came to this theory from the inability to process shame. The fact that all anti-gun bloggers and activists constantly lie and are constantly caught in that lie, but they never seem to be ashamed of their behavior. This recent event brings up this “Sin” on the “Seven Deadly Sins of Narcissism”

7. Bad Boundaries – narcissists do not recognize that they have boundaries and that others are separate and are not extensions of themselves. Others either exist to meet their needs or may as well not exist at all. Those who provide narcissistic supply to the narcissist will be treated as if they are part of the narcissist and be expected to live up to those expectations. In the mind of a narcissist, there is no boundary between self and other.”

You’ll notice that there have been no anti-rights bloggers or spokespeople who have spoken out against this as a gross personal attack and simply bad form, nor will you ever see a rift in the ranks when it comes to restrictive laws. No self-proclaimed gun control organization or activist has ever spoken out against a gun ban, gun confiscations, bans on accessories, or restrictions in the lives of law-abiding gun owners. They have no autonomy, and any action from somebody they have aligned themselves with is THEIR action. You’ll never hear somebody claim Carolyn McCarthy is an idiot no matter what stupid thing she does, just the same as you’ll never find an anti-rights blog that bans Jadegold as a commenter.

This rings akin to the Ronald Regan 11th Commandment, “tho shall not speak ill of a fellow Republican”. A nice piece of political gamesmanship, but also a great way to breed big-government authoritarian Republicans like Newt Gingrich, Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain, and the current crop of total assholes who are running for the Republican ticket once Dutch stepped out of the public eye with his illness and eventual death.

But their bad-boundaries also extend to the privacy of others. There is no shame in attempting to hurt the family of a political opponent, there is no shame of digging up personal information or private property for their own personal gains.

These are not healthy or normal people, and what more reason do you need to avoid their political ilk and work hard to crush their bigoted ideology until they are seen as what they are, the modern equivalent of the Klu Klux Klan, and they should hold the same political relevance of that hive of evil.

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  2. alcade says:

    Excellent post! I, too, have noticed that lieberals avoid talking about the issues (whether it be guns, healthcare, whatever) like the plague. Forget the issues, look at the person! One has only to look at the attacks on Sarah Palin by every leftist group imaginable, including N.O.W. … if those on the right pulled that crap you’d have every media outlet in the nation clamoring for heads to roll.

    Have you also noticed that none of these people have any experience in anything useful? They all work pathetic government jobs (or nonprofits) where, like Craig Hexman, they run around being the world’s busybody in order to justify their pathetic existence?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I hadn’t stepped back and looked at it as a general “Progressive” condition.

      Indeed personal attacks on dissenters seems to be the norm. It also goes both ways, look at the fawning at various leftists at irrelevant attributes like Obama’s looks, youth, or speaking ability as a way to avoid his abject incompetence, not to mention that he’s gored every “Progressive” ox he can get his mitts on.

      Great observation.

  3. I said it on my blog and at Sebastian’s, and I’ll say it here:

    If anyone’s actually surprised at this, I don’t know why. The people who belong to anti-gun organizations have time and again shown themselves to be, at best, a bunch of incredibly nasty people and at worst downright evil. Surely no one thought such would limit itself to their attitudes on self-defense.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Ronnie Barret of Barret Arms said:
      “Anybody who supports gun control is either ignorant or evil” (Quote may not be exact)

      He’s right. I used to support gun control because I didn’t know jack about guns or violent crime, or law-abiding gun owners.

      I’m sure most of the antis start off that way (I mean we’re all born knowing nothing) but when they find out that gun control doesn’t reduce crime, and in fact can be seen to increase it, and certainly carry permit holders aren’t anything to be concerned about, nor that nonsense when a gun “Just Goes Off”, same goes for the odd regional laws that antis grab onto (Joan Peterson has a post blabbering about the MN unique purchasing requirements, the Castle Doctrine, and Guns in Bars) they must be aware that those laws only exist in a few locations, and in places where such stupidity isn’t practiced there are no issues.

      These are people who read about guns and gun issues as much as we do. They know better, and still they root for the criminals and the stalkers. They would much rather the world be a less safer, and a less free place than admit they are wrong.

      That IS evil.

  4. Bubblehead Les says:

    We’ll probably have this as a Group Discussion at Breda’s Gunnie Prom and Toy Show this weekend, but something bugs me about all the Recent Anti-Gun Propaganda that is surfacing. Consider these facts:
    A) Shrub the Younger and the Republitards Lost the House and the Senate in the 2006 Election, and Comrades Pelosi and Reid are put in Charge.
    B) The Anointed One gets put into 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. in 2009, and Dingy Harry and Queen Pelosi are still in Charge. We KNOW Barry promised to “Fundamentally Transform” America, and he published his Manifesto on “Change.Gov” BEFORE the Election, where he laid out his “Agenda”, and part of it was Gun Control.
    C) We know that much of Barry’s White House Staff and Czars were Former Clintonista’s, and he even put Hillary in Charge of Wreaking our Foreign Policy. And the last major push for Gun Control came from the Clintons.
    D) But during that 4 years, there was NO, repeat NO Major effort to Disarm the Republic, even though the House and the Senate could have easily done so (there are Plenty of Rinos in the Senate who’d go along with the Anti’s, trust me).
    E) Yes, Heller and McDonald were significant, but just because something has been declared Unconstitutional hasn’t stopped the DemiCommies and their Allies in the Past. Rules are for the Serfs, not the Elites. In fact, the only one who seemed to be keeping the issue alive was Hosni Bloomburg and his “Mayors against Illegal Sling Shots” group.
    F) But now that the House has been Lost, and the Presidential Approval Rating keeps sliding down hill like the Purchasing Power of the Dollar, there is more Anti-Gun Fever out there since the days of the Assault Rifle and Hi-Cap Mags Bans.

    So Why Now? The Antis DO NOT have the Votes. Plus, they had 2-4 years to ram Anti-Gun Legislation down our throats, yet they did NOTHING. These people could push TARP, Stimulus, Health Care, Gays in the Military, etc through the Gooberment all day long, yet NO Anti-Gun Bills appeared. Why not? The Japetes and other Antis are acting as if there will be Bills in Congress to Disarm us next week, when it is impossible. Yet, they keep acting as if they HAD the Power to do so. Why? Do they know something that we don’t?

    I really don’t have an answer, and I wish I did. But I do know this: when People act as if they are in Charge when they are not, they are either Insane (the Napoleon in the Psych Ward scene), or they have something up their sleeve. But what can it be?

    Thanks for letting me post this.

    • Pyrotek85 says:

      Personally I’ll be more worried if Obama is elected for a second term, as he won’t have much to lose then.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        +1 to that, another 4 years are 4 years of risk.

        Honestly I think President Obama is the Affirmative Action President. Sure he had the votes, but we’re talking about a man who has never held a job before, and has NO accomplishments besides the 3 elections he won (some thought legal loopholes)

        I think Obama wants to be a Movie/Rockstar more than he wants to actually be the Executive Officer of the United States and the Commander in Chief of the US Armed Forces. He’s not so much about drafting legislation (like gun bans, or Healthcare) and more about visiting foreign lands, and getting in constant rounds of golf and pick-up Basketball games….and watching the NCAA teams play, and talking to ESPN about his brackets.

        I really think that’s it. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets re-elected that he does 4 more years of the same herp-derp. That being said the most damaging thing is the Supreme court

        It very well could be that one of the pro-Heller justices becomes ill, dies, or retires in the next 4 years, and we know that Sotomayor and Kagen are total communists….

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  6. Linoge says:

    That narcissism post definitely deserves a resurrection here on your WordPress home, if only for a better web address and the according increase in Google impact.

    And you are absolutely right – cyberstalkers like JadeGold and Ladd Everitt and all the rest of them simply have no concept of what is considered to be “acceptable” behavior, much less how to go about it. Furthermore, they know digging up personal, private information on people makes them uncomfortable, and they leverage that to chill the conversation… to them, it is a “victory” when people give up a debate because they are afraid of personal details being aired.

    In short, they are sick.

    The good news is that apparently Tango has retained legal representation, which definitely seems like a good thing, even if nothing comes of this situation – getting a lawyer now will work a lot better than trying to manage without one when CPS randomly shows up on your doorstep. And, interestingly, Ladd has been remarkably quiet on Twitter today, and has not been his normal, easily-baited self. I wonder if someone’s pee-pee got slapped?

    Me, I have been able to realize that these personal attacks are the anti-rights cultists’ only way of expressing that they know they are losing the debate, so I gleefully point out heinous behavior like this whenever I get the chance – to the fence-sitting onlookers, when they see this kind of hateful behavior from the “gun control” supporters… well the predictable happens :).

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