Gate Rape Ft. Meyers

Well crap, last time I was here the Ft. Meyers TSA didn’t even have backscatter X-Ray scanners, now they have the Millimeter Wave scanners (we swear they’re safe this time….we only lied the once!), and guess who was lined up to try the new scanners?

I added a nice touch to the sexual assault. First I thanked the agent for his fresh gloves, and when he asked if any part of my body was sensitive or injured, I responded “Only my 4th Amendment Rights”.

He understood my message. This was always something lacking in my scanner refusal. I don’t want to be a raging jackhole, as giving these people who are doing a despicable and criminal job a reason to hate those of us who know our rights is exactly the last thing we need.

Still I want them to know, without wasting any of our valuable time, and without fostering any new hostilities (I’m the ONLY one being violated here) that I will comply but I’m aware of my rights, and they should be too.

OK time to head home where it’s cold and blowing. Can’t wait!

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3 Responses to Gate Rape Ft. Meyers

  1. George says:

    The last time they asked me that, I told them that I had a leaking abscess in my groin. You should have seen the guy run for the hand sanitizer after my groping.

  2. Cargosquid says:

    Do all of the above.

    Wear a kilt.


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