“Gun Death” Car Crash

You think you’re safe when you’re in your home from car accidents.

Central Florida authorities have identified the woman killed when a speeding car slammed into an occupied house, as well as the driver and a child injured in the crash.

The Orlando Sentinel reports 35-year-old Travis Fullencamp was driving the car when it slammed into the house with such force that it blew debris high into the air. He’s in serious condition at the hospital. Authorities are investigating to see how he lost control of the car.

Authorities say 39-year-old Melanie Chaplin was killed in the crash. Her 6-year-old daughter, Shelby, is listed in stable condition in the hospital.

The Florida Highway Patrol says debris from the crash landed on top of the home and another house. Two people inside the house at the time were not injured. Bystanders scrambled to pull the child out of the car.

No gun, no “Gun Death”. That seem right to you?

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