On The Debate

Didn’t watch it…they don’t hold my interest. Still take it from Chris Mathews:

Still what’s really interesting is it appears gun control is in its death throws.

Twitter aggregation can be read here and here

And Thirdpower shows the ham-handed arrogance of the Brady Campaign publishing a post about the gun control questions in the debate BEFORE the debate!

They doubled down on this debate, and they lost HARD! I wonder how much money they have left. I suspect all this whining over nobody giving them the time of day will dry up all the donations for a group that already didn’t have much in the coffers already.

Also be interested in seeing how many of the key gun control players stop talking when the checks stop clearing!

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5 Responses to On The Debate

  1. Thirdpower says:

    I was actually glad I left the TV on, it was entertaining watching the moderator get rolled over and Obama flail around like a lost puppy. I will admit my favorite Romney zinger was when he compared O’s debating to that of a dishonest child.

  2. George says:

    There is nothing funnier than watching a hard core lefty melt down.

  3. Greg Camp says:

    But Weer’d, it’s just common sense to say what your master wants you to say. We can’t have the Brady Bunch or the U.N. feel irrelevant, now can we?

  4. Wolfman says:

    I didnt watch it either- my vote is already allocated, and not to the likes of these. I kind of wish I had watched just a little, though; for entertainments sake. Just because Rome is burning doesnt mean we cant stop, and enjoy the fiddling now and then. As an aside, to show how far The Won has fallen, my diehard Dem wife saved the historic newspaper with BHO’s picture- she backed him all the way. This election? She’s going to vote Gary Johnson.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Personally, I’m just waiting for the Absentee Ballot to arrive. Vote, send it back, then look for Ammo Sales is my Plan for the next few weeks. Hate to think what might happen if the 47% lose their Fearless Leader. They can get Nasty if they feel slighted. Remember the Rodney King Riots?

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