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Look at the bullshit use of the metric of “Gun Death” and the smug superiority of those Aussies! Yeah, their “Gun Death” went down…but their violent crime WENT UP!

WE NEED TO BEAT ON THIS DRUM PEOPLE! The folks in the video are calling Australia’s gun control movement a “Huge Success” because their “Gun Death” went down WHILE MORE PEOPLE WHERE HURT, MAIMED, AND MURDERED! THIS IS NOT A VICTORY!!! THIS IS NOT PUBLIC SAFETY! Yet here in America more people are carrying, more people are buying guns, the most popular gun is the AR-15 pattern rifle and our murder and violent crime rate HAS BEEN DROPPING!!!

But hey, we have more GUN DEATH! So we should be ashamed of ourselves!

Seriously, we need to shake the trees on this bullshit metric! People are NOT talking about the Connecticut tragedy because children were SHOT, we’re talking about it because CHILDREN were MURDERED! And while they again double-down on the smugness about the stabbing in China on the same day. Indeed those kids will live, and I’m glad for that…but they ignore the same stories where people died in China, the Philippines, and Japan. I’m sure there are countless more, but those are just the few I can remember off the top of my head.

We cannot keep accepting this junk-term from people. WE CANNOT! America does have a fairly high “Gun Death” rate compared to many countries because we have GUNS. This doesn’t mean we are more dangerous than other countries, just because you’re more likely to be stabbed or beaten to death there. Hell we have more fatal vehicle accidents because we have more CARS, doesn’t mean we’re more dangerous than countries where automobile ownership is much lower.

Seriously, we need to get AGGRESSIVE on this, I’ve compiled the “Gun Death?” Files for just this reason. People are talking about gun control right now because this bogus stat-cooking is being used to make America look more dangerous than places that have less guns AND MORE CRIME!

People don’t care about “Gun Death”, they care about their safety, and the safety of their loved ones. This is the fundamental truth. Every time you hear somebody say “Gun Death” or cite “Gun Death” in statistic we need to POUNCE on that.

We should not be giving sanctuary to such horrible dishonesty!

Will you help me?

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  1. I still want the InfoBabe to interview me. I am think that if she’s willing to interview obscure people like Eliot Fineman then she should interview third tier regional gunbloggers for balance.

    Let’s face it. All 1000 people who know who Eliot Fineman are also know who I am. They are all gun bloggers and readers. It’s not like anyone outside the gunblog community knows who he is.

  2. Eck! says:

    WE (using their we, meaning someone else has to do something about this) need less drunk driver death.

    Sounds the same to me and equally stupid in that it means exactly nothing.

    Their gun death metric is faulty. It also includes criminals and alleged criminals and suicide.

    To fix this Newspeak means,
    WE need metrics for those. Perpdeath for criminals and those that died in crimes of their own commission, and Selfdeath for those that take their lives including those that use other means. However we have the oddity of Selfdeath that includes Perpdeath
    like the perps that kill others then themselves. There are also the Suicidebycopdeath
    for those that want to suicide but, for a cop to do the work. I’m sure there are metric missed.

    Then we (us individuals) can break their numbers down to something that shows their propaganda for what it is, lies.

    Yes all they really want is a big number that sounds horrific to bang their drum. They lie, they believe the lie.


  3. Dwight Brown says:

    Speaking of “gun” death, Weer’d, it looks like we need a federal ban on natural gas and programmable microwave ovens.

    You know, for the children.

  4. Old NFO says:

    It’s starting to get a bit ridiculous… Just sayin…

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