Drink Like James Bond

In the latest James Bond novel “Carte Blanche” 007 drinks several of these:

Carte Blanche Drink

The drink is two parts blended Canadian Whiskey (Crown Royal is what Bond requests, Segram’s Seven is what I have, which isn’t ideal, but you want a fairly plain whiskey so it it doesn’t distract from the other ingredients) half-measure of Triple Sec, and a few dashes of Angostura bitters.

The drink is to be served on the rocks, and given that its a variation of the Old Fashioned drink, it helps if you have an Old Fashioned glass like I do.

I realized I have and enjoy all of the ingredients, as soon as I got home (like AS SOON AS I CAME IN THE DOOR) I decided to mix up one. Damn good! Also while I dislike shaking a martini like 007 is famous for because it makes the drink cloudy and if you use smaller ice cubes like those found in bars and ice machines it will often lead to your drink having lots of mini icebergs floating in it. Since this drink is served on the rocks there is no ill effects to shaking the drink, and it does make the drink colder and gives it a different mouth feel. I have a nice little mini-cocktail shaker that is great when I’m mixing up one just for me. If I were mixing for a group I’d put ice in all the glasses, measure out the cocktail, shake and strain it into the glasses just to keep the ice even. For just me, I simply dump the full contents of the shaker into my glass.

And in the time it took to write this my glass is dry!

Give it a try for yourself! I think you’ll find it is a perfect balance of sweet and robust to suit many pallets.

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9 Responses to Drink Like James Bond

  1. AZRon says:

    If you omit the stirring, the shaking, the ice, the triple sec, the glass, and the bitters, it sounds like a damn fine drink.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Hey man, I enjoy a good neat bourbon or scotch as well! And the whiskey I drink neat is NOT the whiskey I’d mix in this cocktail. This is a good way to jazz up some otherwise boring whiskey into a tasty and refreshing drink!

  2. Foxtrot Whiskey says:

    I’m a huge fan of Manhattans, and this one sounds similar to those made at the Oak Room in Boston, except Grand Marnier is used instead of triple sec. Why miss a chance to use a higher percentage EtOH in one’s drink?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’ve recently taken to drinking Manhattans. The first one was mixed for me by a local steakhouse and it used Bullet Bourbon which is a fine, but unremarkable Bourbon IMHO. And I found that even with a Bourbon like that I felt I’d rather be just drinking it neat. Good whiskey distracts me from the cocktail. Then I had an idea and used some good moonshine I’d bought instead of Bourbon and I found the results to be VERY pleasing, and the color thanks to the bitters and the sweet vermouth is still fairly close to the conventional aged-whiskey drink.

      Interesting Manhattan recipe…tho at that point it’s strying pretty far from the reservation to be actually called a “Manhattan”, if that was me I’d call it a totally different name. Hell its more different from a Manhattan than a Gibson is from a Martini!

  3. guffaw says:

    Not Fleming, doesn’t count.


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