Images of the Antis: Holiday Spirit

I’ve been so busy around Christmas I haven’t checked Pinterest to see if there were any gems….or really leavings from the antis.

So here’s some post-Christmas tomfoolery:

Yep Santa is so scared for his life he needs a Class III vest and a riot helmet to deliver his presents. Still doesn’t Santa know where the good girls and boys live?

Of course Santa isn’t real, but if you see somebody breaking into your home dressed all in read, a gun might not be a bad idea:

allege he shot two men during a confrontation with them.

Detroit police say they’re investigating a shootout that left two men injured. According to police, the fight may have been over a woman.

Of course what IS real is despite all the news stories the antis like to dredge up, really we’re safer than we’ve ever been. The antis NEED fear to push their agenda, hence images like this.

Second is this:

Of course the lawsuit is utter crap. Antis focus on guns so much that somehow they see this as reasonable, yet fail to notice that when a drunk driver kills a family there are no lawsuits against the makers of the alcohol consumed, nor on the maker of the fatal car. They also ignore anything that isn’t a “Gun Death”, so when somebody brains somebody with a baseball bat, or uses a machete or a kitchen knife to hack somebody to death the makers of the blades (or even the stores that sold them to the killer) never fall into question.

What does suck for Bushmaster is they will need to spend thousands of dollars to make sure it gets dismisses. Which by all accounts it will be, still even such a frivolous lawsuit costs money and time.

Also again the antis stick with the mythical symbol of Santa Clause of delivering “coal” to “Bad Boys”, but really it’s the antis just being obtuse jerks around the holidays, both against Bushmaster, AND the poor families who they are obviously leading on for purely political reasons.

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