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Bad Test

So looks like a ton of people took this test., and it appears that a LOT of people who read my blog, and who I know personally have a social disorder according to the test. A LOT of you social … Continue reading

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Flying the Unfriendly

I have mixed feelings about Air travel post 9-11. OK my feelings are pretty set, it sucks, and it accomplishes nothing for safety, but on the other hand I’d never flown Jet Blue before 9-11…and I rather like their accommodations. … Continue reading

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Money Well Spent

Joy Behar didn’t like a Sharon Angle political ad (nor does Joy seem to much like people who don’t agree with her politically…but I think that’s obvious) Joy erupts into a hate-filled tirade of “Progressive” “Tolerance” on national TV. People … Continue reading

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Gun Death: “Gun Free Zone”

Seems its not just happening in China The Philippines have their school stabbings An ex-convict stabbed a teacher and several students Friday at an elementary school in the Philippines in a melee that left four people dead and six wounded, … Continue reading

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One More Lolz

Oww! Hey, play stupid games, win stupid prizes!

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For Lulz

Rauðbjorn has this hilarious picture thread. My Faves are: And I chat with a few fellas from Finland, I’m gonna have to tease them. Also I think I need some friends from Belarus…specifically fat ones with bats and Adidas running … Continue reading

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Scary Because It’s True!

Maybe sleep with the lights on?

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Mr. Average

Just took this Quiz 33 – 52 = average (most women score about 47 and most men score about 42) I scored 42…for what it’s worth which is about nothing! 🙂

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Busy Day in the Lab

So more funny videos. This one has me scratching my head so much that I may wear a hole in my scalp….WHY??? h/t Cueball for reminding me of this gem!

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Gun Death: Unarmed

I wonder if the anti-rights forces ever succeed with “Gun Death” if they’ll turn to “Knife Death” but what next? Wheeling police spoke out for the first time Monday about the beating death of area businessman Travis Hocutt. The Benwood … Continue reading

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