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Some people seem edgy about carrying a single-action gun like the M1911 “Cocked-and-locked” (meaning a round in the chamber, the hammer cocked, and the thumb safety engaged) but besides that thumb safety a modern 1911 is still VERY safe to carry in this condition.

My S&W1911s are similar to this one only the Series 80 colt uses a mechanism attached to the trigger to deactivate the firing pin block, my Smiths (and newer kimbers for that matter) use one that works off the grip safety. IMHO how this safety is activated is unimportant as it serves as a drop-safety. Some say it isn’t really nessisary as the 1911 needs to be dropped directly on the muzzle and hard enough to overcome the firing pin spring. That seems a bit unlikely in the course of events, but I still prefer a gun with a drop safety, and since some of the series 80 design can mess with the crisp single-action trigger pull of the 1911, I prefer the smith/kimber style.

Also Some gun makers use a lightweight firing pin (usually titanium) and a heavier than normal recoil spring, so the energy of the gun being dropped will never cause enough inertia to dimple a primer. I dunno, I’d just prefer a gun without all that jazz at all, to something like that, but is IS a good and effective design.

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  1. JD says:

    Cool video, thanks for posting it. I wondered about how all that fit together. Still looking to get me a 1911. . . soon I hope = )

  2. bluesun says:

    That guy is really, really happy. He enjoys safeties in ways that you or I can not understand.

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