Anti-Freedom Pro-Ignorance

I’ve often used this term to describe proponents of restriction of 2nd Amendment rights. I haven’t used it much recently, and frankly I should go back into it. On the the front that blames tools, I’ve pointed out that Today’s gun banner is tomorrow’s knife banner And let’s not forget that the 2nd Amendment is not the only right these Authoritarians wish to truncate. We have of course been talking about their assault on the 4th Amendment with the TSA Violations that Catch NOTHING. But of course it doesn’t stop there.

I’m no Rush Limbaugh fan. He was the guy who got me hooked on News Talk Radio and Politics, but I quickly outgrew him to more topical and local shows, and when he started abusing drugs I stopped listening to him entirely, and haven’t ever felt the need to look back except in incidental moments where I turn the radio on and he’s there. (FYI I was unaware he was a drug addict until I after I’d stopped listening, just the dope took so much off of his already weak fastball, he lost all appeal to me). But I’ll admit Rush is the biggest name in talk radio, and I suspect its because of his simplistic approach to the issues. Likely what got me started on the genre with his show, and why I don’t listen to him today. Limbaugh is a Republican Cheer-Leader, he was a Bush Apologist during the Presidency of George W. Bush, and of course Bill Clinton could do nothing right in the eyes of Limbaugh, and his Adversary Newt Gingrich could do no wrong. So obviously Limbaugh is against Obama, and those on the left who know our current president is essentially George W. Bush’s 3rd Incompetent term have nowhere to hide but behind the race card.

But Rev. Sharpton’s idiocy and race-baiting is hardly a surprise, but the Authoritarian hand-tip that Limbaugh should be removed by the FCC really shows where their desires lie. Only THEIR signal must reach us, all dissent must be crushed.

So I will make an effort to describe all foes of civil liberties, from Al Sharpton, to President Obama, to Joan Peterson, to Michael Bonomo again as Anti-Freedom, Pro-Ignorance. As the only freedom they want is THEIR freedom, and they want the world to be as unaware of this as possible, and the only message you will hear is THEIR message.

They are pure-and-simple, Monsters.

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  1. mike w. says:

    The single most dangerous weapon against statists is information. (even moreso than a gun) Liberals pay lip service to the 1st Amendment, but it’s all bullshit. If you can control the flow of informaton you can control the message. If you control the message you can control the people. This has been true for all statists throughout history. That’s why there’s such vitriol towards Fox and conservative talk radio. Those are the only non-internet mediums that counter their message.

    Make no mistake, they’ll come after the internet and bloggers once they’ve eliminated dissent in the MSM.

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