Big Kid Pants

Our new supreme court Nominee seems to dislike answering questions about anything, and even goes so far as to lend Plausible deniability to a document that she admits is in her handwriting
Our President gives a juvenile threat to Kick Ass that is not only silly, but not particularly believable, and meanwhile is bragging about campaign promices he’s made good on despite breaking most of them pretty blatantly. Of course his followers look the other way, even if its their ox being gored.
Vice President Biden Calls a business owner a “Smartass” for suggesting that lowering business taxes might make things easier for small businesses. Seriously, what a jerk for suggesting that free-market clap-trap poppycock!

Tam notes a bunch of hippies smear themselves in irony pretend to make nice to a group they hate (seriously, since when have you seen an environmental hippie who legitimately supports commercial fishing?), and throw a hissy-fit in hopes that somehow THAT will get SOMETHING accomplished.

Of course this lefty decides the best way to win a debate is to call somebody a “Neck Drooler” and proclaim above all hope that they watch the evil TV station.

Joe notes that Brady Campaign supporters to debate is not to call names, but instead wish they die.

The Lovely Laci stretches his open mind by cherry-picking ideas across several centuries of US history in no particular order, and then levels off at getting grossed out that a photographer might take nude photos of consenting adult women. I thought the leftists were all “My Body, My Choice?” I mean this doesn’t even involve killing a POTENTIAL life, just boobies and good use of light and background. Seems this little snit isn’t terribly uncommon

And where would we be if I didn’t comment on the hate filled rage of this Bigot

Leads me to wonder…that’s a pretty broad selection, and I trimmed the hell out of it for brevity, are there ANY grown-ups in the modern Left?

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  1. Linoge says:

    The short answer? None that are active and social online.

    Oh, there may exist people of adult maturity levels wihtin the “liberal”/”progressive” movements, but they are not the ones that run the weblogs, and make the news.

    And, actually, I am not sure what they do. Guess their numbers are sufficiently low that they become background noise…

  2. bluesun says:

    They’re like… peaceful Muslims. And Unicorns.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Actually I know a TON of peaceful Muslims. Its such a big religion that if they ALL were as violent as the militant branches were, the world would look like much a different place.

      Same could be said about just about any major religion….

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