Deadly Weapon: Car

When I was first taking my Massachusetts pistol course to get my permit the police officer who was running the course gave me an example of how much more responsibility gun owners have to shoulder than the rest of the population. First exercise: Think of the dumbest person you went to high school with. Now think, do they have a driver’s license?

Second Exercise: Two separate accidents. One a person has a negligent discharge and kills somebody. Second a distracted driver hits and kills a pedestrian. Note, the person who was stupid with their gun will have their permit permanently revoked, and likely will never lawfully own a gun for as long as they live. The person who was stupid with the car will likely have their license suspended, and like the stupid person with the gun, probably do some time, or pay fines depending on the case, but they will get their license to drive back if they want it.

The anti-gun forces don’t like the idea that auto drivers are statistically more dangerous than lawful gun owners, and they certainly don’t like auto comparisons besides the comparison of registration (and even then they don’t want to talk about that TOO much, because its very easy to own an unregistered car, and you certainly don’t need a background check for one….) But an auto in the wrong hands Can be very deadly

A 27-year-old ex-convict whose sentence to another prison term recently was stayed over a prosecutor’s objections was charged Wednesday with plowing his car into a group of people outside a home in north Minneapolis, killing one man and injuring another who died a day after leaving the hospital.

His sentence was stayed before he went on a killing spree? I’ll toss up that “Bad Justice” tag too for this one.

Again its the violent people not the tools. Thanks Bob, for this illustration.

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  1. But… But… DUHSAHNED TA KILL!!!

  2. George says:

    Car drivers are not more dangerous than shooters….car drivers are MUCH more dangerous than shooters! More people are killed each year by cars than guns. It’s not by a small margin. It’s more than an order of magnitude.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah George, but Liberal Authoritarians own and Drive cars! We can’t look at the reality behind that because otherwise they’ll have to ride a bike, or take that Public Transportation that everybody ELSE loves. 😉

      Now guns…We can ban those, because they don’t have a gun parked in their driveway, and don’t want to own one, so those are too dangerous!

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