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From my buddy Mike W. said here.

And for every sad case of some victim being exploited by the Brady’s we gunbloggers probably bring 10 newbies to the range….

Yep they are flailing like mad to keep their cause alive. While our side has people just walking up wanting to learn more.

We are crushing them. Crush harder!

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  1. Old Jarhead says:

    Just found your site. Very nice.

    I have taken a friend, who had never shot a firearm, and now he hunts with me, has acquired a CCW, and is a fine shot. He is in his late 40’s, and has now been shooting for about 2 years. His wife curses the ground I walk on. Stay safe.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Welcome aboard!

      Good work with your friend. Also on his wife I’ll point out that in my late teens I was anti-gun. A friend took me out shooting, and that started the long journey for me to change sides and become a gun owner myself.

      When I brought home my first guns my (then Fiance, now wife) was anti-gun and was NOT happy about the direction I was going in. All I did was take efforts to make sure she knew proper safety and handling (nothing is more dangerous than a gun in the hands of somebody who has no idea how to properly operate it) and tried to include her in fun activities.

      It can be a VERY slow process, so my advice is be patient and keep open ears and an open mind to go at THEIR pace.

      I would say the vast majority of people who dislike guns simply know nothing about them. By teaching we can really turn the tide.

      • Old Jarhead says:

        I do understand. When I married, my wife was terrified of any firearm. She is now convinced that they are not nearly so bad as she once thought, and since I used to travel, I even managed to teach her how to handle a 20 gauge pump for home protection. My daughter and I are constant hunting buddies, and she helped me with those hogs over at Thirdpower’s site. She is probably a better shot that I ever will be, and when young I was a rifle expert in the Corps. Have now found a bunch of farmers who are thrilled to have someone who is willing to shoot hogs for them, and we are forming a group to do that. It’s great, and even if we never see a pig, the camaraderie makes the day worth the effort.

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