For my Homies in South Africa

Gun Control doesn’t work, never will work, and we need to fight it.

PS: I think the South African Accents sound so cool. Always like them.

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  1. wrm says:

    Sêffrikan êksent? Eish, it’s horrible êk sê 🙂 I don’t have one of those, my wife would not have spent 10 minutes wiff (oops, I mean with) me if I had.

    I’m rather partial to Alex Holmes’ accent.

    This video is rather old, probably about 10 years or so. The “proposed new act” was signed into law in 2000, but only became law a few years later. Been amended a few times. The last amendment was about three years ago and since then they’ve been unable to write regulations to match.

    It’s a complete mess, there’s a bit of an investigation going on at the moment, the head of the Central Firearms Registry and eight or so of his buddies got themselves fired (mostly because people are pissed that there’s a three year backlog at CFR, so they’re taking CFR to court, and winning…).

    Sheena Duncan went to meet her maker, hopefully He makes her run the clay pigeon machine on days He takes the Auto-5 out to play, on other days she has to reload 30-06 on the Dillon.

    Alex Holmes mostly withdrew from the fight because of ill health.

    But we’re still here and fighting.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Yeah I knew the video was older, but I found it educational and interesting, and I thought of you and your compatriots.

      Keep up the good fight. Its not just America that’s making in-roads in gun rights. I know Canada keeps getting closer to scrapping their stupid Gun registry, and who knows what other nations will say “Enough” as they restrict their rights and cede power to the criminals.

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