“Gun Death” in Love!

One must be careful with whom we are intimate with.

Pittsburgh police have arrested a woman on charges that she killed her roommate in a fight over a man.

Nancee “Bunny” Mosley, 55, is accused of fatally stabbing Audra Cobb, 40, on Nov. 13 in the apartment they shared on Washington Boulevard in Homewood, according to a criminal complaint. Police arrested Mosley after interviewing her at police headquarters Tuesday night.

Seems that one lady brings home a man, and her roommate decided to bed said man. The disagreement involved a knife and a dead woman.

These are the sorts of stories they say why we shouldn’t keep guns in the home. You see a gun is too easy that in a moment of flared temper you could commit murder. Good thing there wasn’t a gun in the home in this case, somebody might have been hurt!

h/t cybrus

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    • Weerd Beard says:

      Creepy case. I have no idea if the medical observations are sound in that, but when I find out somebody I know is psychotic it always puts me on edge for these exact reasons. You can be as nice as you want, but if the voice in their head are telling them you’re here to kill them, who they gonna believe?

      BTW what’s a “Hot Shot”? The only use of that I’ve heard is injecting drugs into a limb without a tourniquet.

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