Heat and Lawyers

So when I got home last night the outside temperature was 99, inside was cooler at 89. We got to work installing our window-mounted air conditioners which gave great relief.

Still one unit we bought two years ago, but didn’t end up using because that summer the attic where we bought it from didn’t get as hot as we had expected, nor do we use it enough to warrant all the engineering it would take to install it, plus last year the summer was so cool we didn’t use a single AC all year. The Mrs. finally got to reading the manual, because women for some reason feel the need to read such things. She was sent into a panic as every damn page had some sort of doom-and-gloom warning.

After looking at it myself I found most of them to be bullshit, as most lawsuit protection warnings are. I mean the cafeteria here at work has stacks of paper cups all with “Warning: Contents Hot” printed on them, despite the cups being empty. A box of Q-Tips have a warning not to use them to clean your ears, despite that being the primary reason for us buying them. (The secondary reason is gun cleaning)

Heck my gun manuals have all sorts of goofy warning stating that you essentially should never load them except just before you fire them downrange, and my carry holsters recommend you carry the gun without a chambered round. This is especially foolish on my shoulder holster where the retention strap can ONLY be fastened with the hammer back where the leather physically blocks the the hammer from the firing pin, making it an amazingly safe holster for cocked-and-locked carry.

So in essence these warnings protect the company for liability from people doing things far too stupid for words which nobody but the idiot should be accountable for, but also get sensible people who have better things to do than wade thought a dung-heap of minutiae to completely ignore all printed warnings.

Seems a pile of foolishness to me, but so goes our legal system where even if somebody sues you for the dumbest thing known to man, you’ll STILL loose as you will need to pay lawyers and take time off for court hearings even if you win.

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