How to be the Underdog

So Local Radio host Howie Carr had a PETA activist on his show as a holiday tradition, and I got thinking about it.

This guy’s MO is essentially guilt fueled by junk-science (I rest my case) and dietary science oversimplified and skewed to the maximum bias. (Like he claimed obesity and heart disease rates are simply from people eating meat to excess, without ever considering the sedentary lifestyle of Americans, or our availability of inexpensive high-calorie food)

He can’t even claim that there are any rewards to going vegan except for the smug joy that you’re better than everybody else (and even that requires a true-believer religious fervor), because even he admits that a vegan diet does not taste as good as a full omnivore diet.

This reminds me of the plight of the anti-gunner. They offer you LESS personal protection for the sake of overall safety (which they will “prove” with a Brady Campaign or Joyce Foundation “Study”) they limit what hobbies you will engage in, and like to trumpet that criminals who skirt the laws on murder and violence will suddenly recoil in horror if their local dealer who sells crack and guns out of the trunk of his car is suddenly required by law to conduct a federal background check. (yuck yuck! :D)

Is it a wonder why their support is drying up like crazy.

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  1. wrm says:

    My vegan friends are a lot bigger’n I am…

  2. NightPaws says:

    I say screw PETA while wearing my full length blue fox coat!

    I’m so glad I live where I live. Where else can you wear a full length fur to the grocery store and not get harassed?

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