Nice Leather You Got There!

Linoge has been Open Carrying for a while now. I pointed out to him that the PPS is really more of a concealment gun than an OC gun given how much effort Walther made to make the gun so small. I asked him if he was considering getting a bigger carry gun. Well he did, and he got a darn sharp holster for it.

I happen to have the same make of holster for my 1911. Jay was the first to review it, and Patrick has a really sharp looking one too.

I’ll just reiterate from my review that Dennis does top-notch work, and starts off with building the most rugged and functional holster he can THEN with great joy starts looking into how pretty he can make said holster. I highly Recommend.

Oh and in other news, not only does Dragon Leatherworks have a fine website
but you can also follow Dennis’ musings on Twitter.

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  1. Linoge says:

    Well, the PPS is fairly comfortable for pretty much any kind of carry – it does not get in your way in the car, it does not project terribly far from your body, and so forth.

    That said, I am looking forward to being able to carry the new piece, and not just because I now have a postively kick-ass holster for it :).

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