No Thanks to Me

So yesterday was election day and it looks like it was a VERY good day for Republicans in Massachusetts believe-it-or-not.

But the biggest victory of the day is outlined here by Jay. Our Attorney general who is hopelessly anti-gun and anti-justice (who also got trounced by Scott Brown for US Senate) did not have any challengers on the Republican ballot yesterday. There were a few men who were asking for a write-in yesterday to get the required 10,000 votes to be on the ballot in November.

Jim Mckenna was the victor and got the GOP Nominee on write-in. I’ve known of Jim for months, but I was unaware of how the primary write-in laws worked, so I was waiting until the general election to order my stickers for the ballot. I found out the night before and had written his information down on a card on my desk. My excuse is a mediocre one, but the wife was feeling good enough that she wanted to get out and vote that morning. I was paying so much attention to her comfort level that I left my damn card at home, and had a brain-fart in the polling booth on Mr. McKenna’s name and town of residence.

Well despite my ignorance and oversight, it looks like Jim McKenna will be on the ballot as a printed candidate in November, and he has my vote. He also has the right stance on the issues and rates 100% with the Gun Owners Action League of Massachusetts.

So good Luck Jim, tho I don’t think you’ll need it!

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