Quote of the Day: Reality Divorce

Again Joan Peterson of the Brady Campaign, Million Mom March, and the Joyce Foundation, is a gift to all gunnies everywhere!

Hand grenades and RPGs are sold at gun shows all over the country. They could be sold by private sellers who may or may not require background checks.

I’m starting to wonder if Joan Peterson could tell the truth even on a dare!

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  1. Dude, I want to know where she shops. If I can get machine guns, hand grenades, RPGs and every other thing that is being used in the Mexican drug war, I’ll be totally prepared for the Zombiepocolypse.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I would LOVE an M3 Grease gun, or a VZ61 Skorpion SMG. And of course I think Suppressors are the Bee’s knees, but I can’t buy them in shops here, nor do I want to pay that pesky tax stamp….didn’t see any of that at the last gun show I was at…like you I appear to go to the wrong ones.

    • Dixie says:

      If you’re not already prepared for the Zombiepocalypse, it’s too late.

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  3. bluesun says:

    Ummm… Joan? I’ve known you couldn’t buy machine guns and explosives since I think I was in pre-school. Please, get some help. You need it badly.

  4. Wally says:

    You can buy machine guns, hand grenades and RPGs – but that can never be a face to face transaction. Each transaction needs to be pre-approved by BATFE – carrying at least a $200 tax on the transaction and typically several months for the background check required.

    Just a word of caution with RPGs – the US isn’t allowing import of any more ammo, and nobody is producing it domestically… So even though you can buy an RPG, you may not be able to feed it. Think before you buy !

  5. ZerCool says:

    Good lord. I’ve avoided reading her screed for a while, but clicked into comments for that one.

    *We* are the ones confusing the issue because we’re listing multiple definitions for things?

    *We* are the ones “getting ready to kill people”?


    • Weerd Beard says:

      I LOVE when the antis start getting pissy about definitions. Its #1 a further tip of the hand showing they want total gun-bans (I mean if they don’t care what an “Assault Weapon” vs. an “Assault Rifle”, vs. a “Machine Gun” is in context of an “Assault Weapon” ban, doesn’t that show us they see any restriction or ban simply a “Step in the right direction?”

      #2. they seem to want a Tower of Babel story, where the ignorant anti-rights jerks (and their shoulder-things that go up) can have power over the gunnies who actually care about and research the issue.

      Sorry Joan, you’re gonna lose this and every battle!

  6. RuffRidr says:

    LMAO! I stupidly responded to that comment. Not that it will see the light of day, however.

    It’s amazing that someone so ignorant wants to define public policy.

  7. Bubblehead Les says:

    The more pressure we put on Joanie, the more irrational she becomes, the more she posts blatant falsehoods, the better the chance someone who is “Neutral” on the RKBA will come over to our side. Since this is War (and don’t think Joanie wouldn’t send all “Gunnies” to a Prison Camp if she had the chance), more comments, more facts, more links, Hell, overload and crash her sight!
    If we get lucky, maybe her head will explode!

  8. NightPaws says:

    “Dear Joan,

    I write to respectfully inquire which gun shows you are writing about. I could use some flashbang and fragmentation grenades, rather than just the nasty orange smoke practice ones as I believe I have a mild allergy to the smoke. I would also like to know where I might pick up an RPG or two for private use.
    I don’t find the need for a, “machine gun;” however, if you could kindly get back to me about the above mentioned items I would greatly appreciate it. I guarantee I will pass any background check you throw at me, and I would be grateful if your response comes fairly swiftly due to an ongoing health issue of mine that is currently and fortunately ebbing at the moment.”

    Do you think that would get a response? Apparently I have been visiting all of the wrong gun shows to get my hands on things like that. I’d love a Dragon anti tank launcher- it would convert nicely to a floor lamp.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Heh, we played with the Orange smoke markers in the observer program. They are wicked stinky!

      Yeah All I found at the gunshows I’ve been to are Bad deals on guns that I can just buy in the various shops or on the local forums. Good deals on reloading and accessories, books on EVERYTHING, and the guys who sell military uniforms and flags, as well as MREs and entrenchment tools.

      Not a Rocket Launcher, or a Grenade, to speak of. There was one show where a guy was selling machine guns…but not only did he want a cash equivalent to more than my truck was worth, but also full approval of my Police Chief and the BATFE….I guess I was at the wrong show also!

      • NightPaws says:

        I keep picking up nice stuff, but I’m sort of lucky with used guns at the gun shows lately. Deals find me in stores too though. But you are right on about a lot of random crap there. Maybe she saw dummy grenades? They always have a bunch that little boys seem to buy.

        The full auto guy was there this time too, you can also pick up cans from him, and firearms classified as “other.” Same as what you said about the price and everything involving background checks and tax stamps.

        Maybe we both are attending the wrong gun shows. I wish she would tell us where she sees all of this! hehehe

  9. Eck! says:

    For poor Joan reality is the Brady truth of control, evil guns. Misdirection is part of the trade of propaganda. for those unfamiliar
    the 7 techniques are listed..

    * Name Calling
    * Glittering Generalities
    * Transfer
    * Testimonial
    * Plain Folks
    * Card Stacking
    * Band Wagon

    Borrowed from http://mason.gmu.edu/~amcdonal/Propaganda%20Techniques.html

    Worth a visit to know how the game will be played.


  10. Camarath says:

    How can she not know that destructive devices require the same sort of tax stamp as machine guns? I guess she hasn’t bothered to read current gun laws. That does explain why she keeps agitating for laws which already exist.

    It really seems like the only thing she cares about is creating a narrative she feels is supportive of her agenda. To claim that Laci is “on top of the law here” while Japete censors the discussion so pre-Heller lower court rulings and minority dissents can as represented as current precedence is pretty damning to my eyes.

    Alito’s dissent in US v. Rybar was what first convinced me he would make a good Justice. Interesting to see that case presented as a refutation of his McDonald majority Supreme Court decision.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      She’s a Joyce/Brady Parrot. She calls for the laws that Helmke and Sugarmann say we need, and obviously doesn’t look into the validity of them, or attempt to create her own arguments because that would force her to stray into reality, which says having a gun handy is probably a pretty good idea, and being in a gun-free zone is a good way to get yourself shot.

      She’s also happy to have MikeB and Laci along because they’re useful idiots who will fawn and agree with her, so they can imagine themselves de-facto Brady members, because they’re likely a little too violent for the groups.

      • mike w. says:

        The “anonymous” taking on Laci’s BS about court cases was me, before she cut me off of course.

        • Camarath says:

          I tried to say this after Laci’s first post.

          “United States v. Hale, 978 F.2d 1016 (8th Cir.1992) rejects 14th Amendment incorporation of the 2th Amendment limiting its function to merely a constraint on the federal government, does not take a view on if the right granted is individual or collective right, and only recognizes the 2th Amendment as relating to “preservation or efficiency of a militia”. It is in fact a the product of a long series of cases which have had their rational refuted by the Supreme Court.

          Cases v. United States, 131 F.2d 916 (1st Cir.1942) states “The right to keep and bear arms is not a right conferred upon the people by the federal constitution. Whatever rights in this respect the people may have depend upon local legislation; the only function of the Second Amendment being to prevent the federal government and the federal government only from infringing that right “ and attempted to create precedence from United States v. Miller by contending that there was none.

          U.S. v. Warin, 530 F.2d 103 (6th Cir.) states “the Second Amendment guarantees a collective rather than an individual right” and created the non-rights holding category of “sedentary militia” ex nihlo very much the reverse of the “sovereign people” category created in Scott v. Sandford.

          Since the McDonald v. Chicago incorporation of the 2nd Amendment under the Due Process clause of the 14th Amendment and its and District of Columbia v. Heller’s recognition of an individual right to own weapons for some purposes by the Supreme Court a court hearing a similar case now would have to consider those issues and would be force to rule on another basis.

          Also US v. Hale doesn’t not address the fact that laws upon which it ruled both require and prohibit registration a situation similar to the one present in District of Columbia v. Heller were the laws in question were found unconstitutional.”

  11. Nomen Nescio says:

    honestly, i’m amazed y’all are still wasting your efforts on that troll. one comment thread on her site was all it took to convince me she’s not listening to anybody outside her own head. (i forget which thread; i think it was the one where Joe Huffman tried to explain to her what a relative gain/loss is. nobody can be that stupid unless they’re deliberately ignoring every word you’re saying and just pretend to respond to you.)

    • Bob S. says:


      Normally I would agree with you and it may get to that point — an example of a waste is MikeB302000.
      But until then we accomplish many things
      1. Googling Joan Peterson and gun control brings up pages and pages of counter arguments.

      2. She is forced to engage, to a limited degree, on her blog proponents of our constitutionally protected right — now the ‘echo chamber’ is a little more muffled — her voice isn’t the only one there. Check out the number of comments before gunnies found her blog and after.

      3. She is making more and more statements that show the true nature of her efforts — she is providing people with evidence, direct, supported evidence that one more gun control law wouldn’t be enough for these people…..at a time when more and more people are seeing no need for additional gun control laws.

      4. By engaging on her blog, showing the comments left on our blogs; people are puncturing the “gunnies are meanies” dialog and making a strong case that she doesn’t want “thoughtful discussion”. By not responding in the way she states she should, she casts doubts on the rest of her beliefs.

      • Weerd Beard says:

        +1 She’s a Brady and Joyce shill, and has shown obvious mental defectiveness. She’s a lost cause as far as converting her to the side of freedom, or even to simply have a debate. (Which totally sucks, given that I love the Gun Rights issue, and I LOVE to debate…but everybody from our side wants to debate, and nobody on their side wants to because…well they know…)

        But again, I get one of these quotes every day, and each one shows #1. She doesn’t care WHAT laws she’s proposing so long as its steps closer to a total gun-ban. #2. She is NOT a mentally normal person, making her call for “Common Sense” VERY ironic!

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