Think you can ban Guns?

Oleg Posts pictures of a very interesting SMG

First thought: “What a Piece of Shit!”, Second thought: “I bet it’s easy as hell to build those by the railroad car!”

Of course the old adage is true, ban guns, and people will just tuck carbines and pistols between the packs of Cocaine and Heroin. If somehow we can get hundreds of pounds of plant-derived drugs (from plants that don’t grow on this CONTINENT) into this country, why would tossing a few guns and a few cases of ammo into the mix be that much harder? And of course Criminals like John Dillinger, and the more modern Mexican Drug Cartels got their firepower from the Police and Military.

But even all that being said, actually BUILDING guns isn’t all that hard. Springs, sears, and receivers are damn simple to make, and people have been making rifled gun barrels for hundreds of years using nothing more than black smithing tools.

Long and short, attempting gun bans is like building an Ornithopter!

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  1. alan says:

    Full auto, open bolt sub guns are the easiest firearm to build. A semi-auto is more complicated because it has to stop firing automatically and a closed bold gun is even more complicated.

  2. alan says:

    I guess it would help if I could type better. That’s “closed bolt” there in that last sentence, not “closed bold”.

  3. Thomas says:

    I could teach you to build a sten/sterling gun from scratch in a couple days without machine tools…and it’d be SLIGHTLY less ugly than that.

    Regulating tools is never an appropriate response to bad behaviors. And it’s true, select fire and semi-autos are more complicated to build than straight MGs, as far as the fire control group. Blowback SMG is about the simplest self-loading firearm on the planet to design. You can complicate them and moderate their rates of fire in a lot of sophisticated fashions, but, the principle is really simple, as is the execution of the simple designs.

    Kenyan smith I knew built a sten from scratch, other than the barrel, with hacksaw and files, just to see how long it would take. Bit over a week without power tools doing it all by himself and starting with metal stock that was “close” to appropriate dimensions. Even made his own springs. He used to teach at one of the better gunsmith colleges on the planet.

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