Down ’em Up

So I received a mysterious email this morning. It simply had one question. “Hey Weer’d, what’s your favorite drink?”

That was it, strange, ne? Not even sure the question. From when I wake up until 7pm I drink tea. Must be caffeinated, must be lose leaf, sometimes I drink it hot, sometimes cold, sometimes on ice, never with sweetener or milk. I go thought about a gallon a day, no exaggeration. I imagine I’m doing quite well on anti-oxidants.

But Maybe the mystery reader was wondering about adult beverages. Well my #1 is the dry martini. I start with a quality cocktail glass that I chill with slush water. (You can use ice cubes and water if you’re lazy) then in a shaker add a small splash of dry vermouth (this is a delicate step, as you need to have enough to taste it, but not enough for it to overpower the drink, as vermouth alone is VERY nasty), then 3 shots of gin. My preferred gin is Tanqueray No. TEN, I use Martini and Rossi vermouth, but that isn’t as important. The key to a good martini is patience, as now you must wait and not touch anything while the glass and the liquor chill. I like to touch the shaker to see how things are going, once the sides of the shaker feel ice-cold, I dump the ice from the glass and dry it with a clean towel, then strain the mixture into the glass, without shaking or stirring. Shaking the mixture will make your martini cloudy and watered down. Last you add olives. I generally don’t make my standard martinis dirty, but if I do I use a rougher gin like beefeater, as the citrus overtones in Tanqueray gins clash a bit with the savory Olive juice.

Of course there are other Martinis that are nice, like the Peppertini, or a Bacontini, and currently I’m having a Vesper.

And this weekend my latest batch of home-made bacon Vodka will be ready!

Martinis are as much an art as they are a beverage!

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  1. Phyphor says:

    Entirely too much work. Jim Beam + Pepsi + chilled glass = Win!

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  3. Dev says:

    Sounds like something I’d ask, but I can’t remember sending it! Still, stuff I would find interesting.

  4. Linoge says:

    Hm, that reminds me – I need to check on my Pepperquila… A 16oz. bottle of Tequila with five of my cayenne peppers floating around it… they have almost entirely blanched by now, but the last one still has refused to sink to the bottom. Figure when that happens, it should be about ready.

  5. Pol Mordreth says:

    Be careful with all that tea. High levels of black or green tea consumption can cause kidney stones or other kidney problems.


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