Why Do they Need It?

I thought Brits had strict gun control. Why would they need shot-spotter technology?

And of course its all bullshit. Have a look at this story. Violent criminal released from prison, goes out and kills 4 people and wounds another. Shot spotter technology is actually what called the police to the scene of the crime, tho 911 calls were also made in a short timeframe. The man was apprehended TWO MONTHS LATER!

Gun Control, its what you do instead of something!

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Installing the shot spotter system is a major piece of evidence that the antis will not stop until there are no reports of ‘gun violence’.

    No matter what they say about reasonable laws, restrictions or requirements; they will keep pushing and pushing until all firearms are out of the hands of citizens.

    England is supposed to have very low amounts of ‘gun violence’ — isn’t it?

    So, effectively they are saying that until there is NO ‘gun violence’, they won’t stop. Meanwhile, people are being thrown in jail for defending themselves against thugs wielding knives, clubs and gangs.

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