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“Gun Death” Slippery Slope

“We’re Not Going To Take Your Guns” “Gun Bans are Off The Table”, “I’m not coming for your guns”, is the big lie of the anti-rights types. Of course if you have any sense you know they ARE coming for … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Chainsaw

OK evil, bad, horrific, but you got to give him points for style. A 32-year-old Houston man butchered his best friend with a chainsaw and stashed his body parts in a trash bag under an abandoned house, police said. And … Continue reading

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Man I Just Ate!

…But I could stand to eat some more after seeing these videos. If you’ve been reading here you’ll note Chris’ bright idea to gig coyotes with a Cold Steel Spear, I must say that sounds like a pretty good time. … Continue reading

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Coyote Attack

Coyotes, they aren’t just a rural problem: The real eye-opener: Donelan contacted Animal Control hoping they would step in – with no luck. Have a look at the house in the video. This is NOT rural Mass, this is the … Continue reading

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Gun Porn: To Dream

I have a Century FAL, and I really love it. Tho its not my ideal configuration. What I REALLY want is this number from DS Arms That’s the Paratrooper model with an 18″ barrel. Its a little smaller and lighter … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Beheading

A lot of people have sent me this story. Bob beat everybody to the punch, but even my Mom was talking about this story. A Bulgarian man was detained Friday by Spanish police after he allegedly stabbed a woman in … Continue reading

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Bear Attack

Interesting series of stories in the news. Thought we’d talk about them: As the above video says the bear was likely emboldened by being fed by humans. Seems that the bear was being fed by some neighbors who happen to … Continue reading

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Editorial Oversight

Found this CNN story through one of the opposition channels, and frankly I’m floored at the title. Loophole allows for easier purchase of high-powered weapons That’s the title, but the article is actually a pretty decent (for CNN at least) … Continue reading

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Back At It

Just an FYI it appears CSGV has had their twitter account restored, for those who don’t remember pertinent details can be found here. I would advise anybody active on the 2nd Amendment scene to keep an eye on them. Tango … Continue reading

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Late Start

Stuff to do. Slow News Day. More stuff later. Don’t wait on me!

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