Bear Attack

Interesting series of stories in the news. Thought we’d talk about them:

As the above video says the bear was likely emboldened by being fed by humans. Seems that the bear was being fed by some neighbors who happen to have moved away. When fish and game catches the bear they will need to Euthanize it.

Meanwhile there was another attack, quite possibly by the same bear.

A Center Harbor woman got the scare of her life when she witnessed a black bear go nose to nose with the family dog…The Rossignol family said their 3-year-old son, Henry, watched their puggle dog, Harley, get in a scuffle with the bear on the front porch.

Now first up let’s point out that the bear is dead-bear-walking. I’ll note that in the story they mention that the woman who was attacked, the bear was scared off by her husband. What the story neglects to mention was the husband scared the bear off with a .357 Magnum…BY FIRING TWO ROUNDS INTO THE DIRT!!11!!

Look rules of bear safety:
#1. Don’t be near bears
#2. Don’t feed or anger the bears
#4. When your bear gun and a bear get in the same area, KILL THE FUCKING BEAR!

Again stories like this make Project Bear Gun look REALLY good! And note that even if you’re playing it good and not feeding bear, there’s nothing stopping your stupid neighbor from leaving their trash unsecured, or leaving scraps for the bears, and notice how all those bears look alike? That’s how you look to them!

Be Safe People, and remember, guns aren’t just for two-legged predators!

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  1. DaddyBear says:

    I promise I was in Kentucky all week.

  2. Eck says:

    Used to live in the southern tier of the Poconos not far from the AT. The rule with
    family and friends in the area was if you are hiking your carrying something. My favorite was a 3030 saddle gun, short, easy to carry with a sling. I used it for deer, larger varmints and was comfortable with it. Those that use lever guns know it can launch many shots fast. The other was a Ithica M37 with slug barrel. I knew a few
    that carried a ’06 as that was a winning round. I’d encountered bears but always made it a point to be moving in the other direction and quickly. Thankfully never got closer than about 50-60 yards and was upwind. Distance is your friend because if they decide they don’t like you 25mph run is something they do. Also the locals told me if you do have to shoot one, empty the gun back away and reload! Again the rule was if it goes down put in a few shots other than the head. Most wildlife have tough heads so heart, lungs, neck and bears are the toughest in the east.

    Generally I was glad to never have to do it. Just did my best to make sure I didn’t have to. Being prepared though was practical.


  3. docstrange says:

    From the Union Leader: “CENTER HARBOR – A black bear believed to have injured a local woman was shot and killed Wednesday night by a N.H. Fish and Game conservation officer.”

    +1 on everything Eck said, too.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Good to hear! I did a quick wire search and didn’t see anything on the bear. Glad to hear they got it. Hopefully it was the only one that saw people as a viable food source, tho the chances of that are probably small.

  4. Jay G. says:

    That’s the beauty of the Snubbie from Hellâ„¢. If I miss with the .357 Magnum, at least the muzzle flash will light the bear’s fur on fire…

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