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Anti-Freedom, Pro-Criminal

From Joan: If it’s found to be a legal case of self defense and the robber was armed and meant to kill them ( which we really can’t know) then that is what it is. We also can’t know how … Continue reading

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Morning Funny

OMG this is KILLING me! Totally been there. Just ask Zercool!

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DGU Be Careful When Selling Things Online

This is one thing I do have concerns about. Akron police said one man went to the victim’s house and looked at the gaming system around 6 p.m. He then called a friend to bring him money to buy the … Continue reading

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Morning Biology

Tam brings the Snark about a “Fish Without a Brain” “Awesome! Let’s vote for him!” She has a point…but pawing over the linked articles (which most of which are written by non-scientists with little actual interest in science, don’t seem … Continue reading

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“Gun Death” Cocaine

A “Gun Death” suitable for Dr. Rockso A South Carolina man’s brother died after police said he was forced to eat cocaine hidden in his brother’s backside. Both brothers were taken into custody on allegations they had drugs in their … Continue reading

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Yeah Kinda Like This

Michelle Bachman on an Iowa radio station talking about her Conceal Carry permit, and AR-15 The host is an idiot, and Michelle didn’t seem to be much better, and I wonder if she even owns an AR-15 given that she … Continue reading

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Light A Candle To Stop Violence

So the Brady Bunch are planning Candle-light vigils on January 8th to “Stop Gun Violence”. Now many have pointed out what a stupid and pointless gesture that is, also many are noting the dwindling numbers of people willing to come … Continue reading

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Nice Video

On how to grip the 1911…or really any other pistol. Your grip and stance make an amazing difference on how the recoil of the gun feels, and you can handle some pretty scary guns if your form is good. I’ve … Continue reading

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Philip Marlowe

I love pulp stories and Film Noir. My favorite being the works of Raymond Chandler, specifically Philip Marlowe. Of course the best film adaptation is Humphrey Bogart in The Big Sleep Of course Chandler’s hard-knuckled, hard-drinking, tough talking private eye, … Continue reading

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It CAN Happen to You

Jack comments on this story. I’ve said it on other blog posts but this is one of the 2 Krogers near where I live. I’ve been in that Kroger several times. Often at 6PM. Carry your damn guns. I know … Continue reading

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