DGU Worth Repeating

Bob has this post linking to this post from Cranky Chicks with guns.

No quotes from the cited blogs, go read the whole things, both Sarah’s description of the attack and the defense, and Bob brings some great insight as well.

I’ll recap simply, some shitback swung by Sarah’s Brother’s trailer where she’s staying helping out. The guy cased the house and likely KNEW there would be people at home. It was a trailer, so its not like he expected to sneak around without being detected. Sarah’s sister-in-law put a 9mm Gold Dot inches from his head as he attempted to enter a forced door, and the guy exited the property with great haste.

I think everything went down perfectly, and any “mistakes” are simply minor oversights that may have made things a bit better, but in the end they were targeted by a jerk, its all on his head which he’s lucky to still have intact.

Also those who say Defensive Gun Uses are a myth or a rarity, note that this is a BLOG post done by one of the victims, not the local paper. Don’t expect to hear about this in the local news….and remember they are NOT alone.

Glad everybody is safe. I will repeat one quote cited by Bob found here.

Those Americans who have acquired handguns for protection are living with “serious delusions,” says Caroline Brewer, a spokeswoman for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. She contends that few are trained rigorously enough to deploy their weapons in the shock and heat of an attack, that they’ll shoot innocent bystanders, that more times than not their firearms will be turned against them.

If you support or work for the Brady Campaign, or the other like-minded anti-freedom pro-criminal mills. You are a bad person, and you should eat nothing but shit for the rest of your miserable life. Fuck you.

And to Sarah and company, I’m so glad you’re all doing well, and I wish you the best.

Oh one more thing, Sarah’s post is titled “You Picked the Wrong House, Asshole”. A great sentiment. Note that those who call for gun control want YOUR house to be the RIGHT house for the ASSHOLE. Anti-freedom, Pro Criminal!

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  1. Cargosquid says:

    Hmmm….how many news articles do we find where COPS shoot the wrong person or innocent bystanders and how many news articles do we find where CCW’s shoot an innocent person. I submit that there are a great many more CCW’s than there are cops. Someone with better statistics-fu could make a great graph.

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  3. Braden Lynch says:

    Of course, police officers probably have more incidents where they fire their weapons, so it should have it normalized with a “per 1000 weapons discharged incidents” correction.

    Still, one would think with all of the training and practice that police are supposed to have undergone that they would be Davie Crockett or Annie Oakley in accuracy.

    Caroline Brewer is trying to set up a false argument or just seed fear and loathing. The truth would not be recognized by her if it bit her on the a$$. The vast majority of DGUs are never reported because there is no dead body for the reporters to leer at.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That is a fair correction, as cops do discharge their duty weapons a LOT more than the average armed citizen.

      That being said, maybe I’m biased but I read a LOT of stories where the shoot ends with rounds still in the gun, while I’ve heard, and SEEN a ton of police shooting where the air was heavy with lead, and most of the shots fired were misses.

      Shit like that WILL have a lot of innocent people catching lead.

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