Quote of the Day: Rubberbaron

In reading discussion of this issue I found this quote by rubberbaron

I’m a writer on the internet (huzzah!) and was approached by Robert Farago to write for TTAG. I did end up writing a few articles for the site, but he and I never clicked. Our email exchanges were rather stupid, with him always asking for my writing to be more confrontational or asking me to make it different in abstract ways, by using buzz words and meaningless adjectives.

I’ve written many places around the web and never had anyone edit the content of my work before (most editors adjust for typos, etc, and/or give feedback), but Farago would alter my writing to make it fit in with his vision for the site, which made me look like a shitty writer, I thought. He’d insert jokey lines that were completely absent of my tone. Some editors do this, but you rarely do it to someone who you brought in for their specific voice.

In the end I only wrote a handful of articles, made a couple of bucks (he was late in payment but did pay), and we went our separate ways. While I wouldn’t say my time there was horrible, since the job was very passive, I can say I hated having him as an editor.

Very interesting indeed. It doesn’t surprise knowing my various interactions with the man. Also interesting that he presses authors to be “More Confrontational” in what sounds like for the pure sake of drumming up controversy. Also explains why he has such a nefarious co-author .

As they say in Serenity, “You can’t stop the signal!”

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