Fails of the Antis

Two good ones found at the lovely Joyce Foundation website New Trajectory. First is the general lunatic Michael Bannerman (who hides behind his dog, Laci) who is best known for getting sex offenders back on the street with plea deals, and having negligent discharges with replica firearms. He drops this hilarious bomb:

Police and professional law enforcement go into situations that no sane civilian should attempt and do have a need for these.

To even propose that you need these for self-defence “because the police have them” is silly.

Unless, you are not a sane civilian.

…Or if you were the person who CALLED the police because you have IMMEDIATE fear of your life. Of Course Mr. Bannerman would like for you to just wait patiently for the Po-po to show up. And of course even somebody of as limited faculties as he knows that police rarely PREVENT crime, but apprehend criminals. Rarely does a cop show up and actually STOP an attack or murder from happening. Generally they fill out paperwork, conduct an investigation, arrest suspects and build cases against them. And certain Philadelphia lawyers (who pretend to no-longer living in the US, despite buying a new townhouse in Philly this year) make their wealth working to invalidate the work of said law enforcement work. (I in no way have an issue with this as a whole, as we are all innocent until proven guilty, and we are entitled to the best defense, and the Police are hardly infallible…just the plea-bargain system this and other lawyers exploit really does strike me as letting known, and admitted violent criminals free…further it does show a severe ethical conflict of interest)

You see criminals don’t really want the cops to get involved, and the Cops do patrol, but the bulk of their work is done from civilian witnesses…who WITNESS the violent crimes and “situations that no sane civilian should attempt”.

Sorry Dog-Man, I don’t carry a gun because I’m “On Patrol” or “Fighting Crime”, but because crime happens, and when crime DOES happen there are lots of innocent people in the area, and many of those are endangered by the crime directly. With that I shouldn’t be forced to be restricted by your arbitrary and narrow-minded restricted. Especially somebody too stupid to pull the trigger on a loaded gun, even a blank gun, he didn’t intend to shoot.

Next up is a two-fer found on Baldr Odinson Twitter Feed.

Good news: Nonfatal violent crime plunges in US in 2010

Links to this article, but is a twofer because it was re-tweeted by non-other than Brady AND Joyce shill Joan Peterson. So they’re pleased about this:

The Justice Department says the number of violent crimes fell by 12 percent last year, several times larger than the average annual decrease from 2001 through 2009.

First, I share their pleasure at the lower violent crime rate. Everybody wins with that. Except its a fail for the Antis because while their alleged end-game is getting closer…their efforts are crashing. Linoge of course shows this in his great graphics. That overall there is MORE gun owners and private gun sales than ever before in the country, there is more conceal carry and defensive-minded shooting and guns. Lots more so-called “High Capacity” firearms, and “Assault Weapons” being sold and being used in self-defense and sport, and there are twice as many states that don’t require permits to carry, only a single state that banns conceal carry, and more states that have switched to shall-issue carry permits.

You see the antis claim that these guns and practices would result in MORE violent crimes. Just the opposite has happened.

But they’re attempting to spin this as a victory…I guess to the legions of the VERY VERY stupid.

We are blessed to have opponents such as these!

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  1. bluesun says:

    Is that his real name? I now have a song going through my head “Gun Banner Man, Gun Banner Man, banning the guns no one else can! LOOK OUT! Here comes Gun Banner Maaaaaan!”

  2. thirdpower says:

    Fairly standard poisoning the well fallacy by Laci. “If you don’t agree w/ me you’re crazy”. It’s the kind of dehumanizing necessary for him to maintain his sense of self-worth.

  3. AntiCitizenOne says:

    Police carry them to guard the public against any insane situation that occurs – but the thing is that they’re anticipating a threat coming to them (their immediate area or their person) that they must respond to.

    Which is pretty similar to being accosted late at night by a “poor misunderstood urban youth.”


  4. Linoge says:

    My graphs have been getting more and more accurate as time marches on just given the increasing amount of data. But up until 2008, the number of firearm-related crimes has been roughly in keeping with the American population, once the crime bubble of the 90s popped.

    Something tells me that next year’s graph will be significantly more entertaining, and the year’s after that will pretty much put the nail in the coffin of the absurd notion that “more guns = more deaths”.

    After a fashion, I feel kind of sorry for anti-rights cultists – it must be troubling when reality intrudes into their precious myth bubble – but those kind thoughts kind of die when I remember what they are trying to force upon us.

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