Full Stupid

So I’ve posted a few of their videos. They also have a donation page up. You may want to hold off on that.

Still awesome videos, but don’t donate money right now unless you want it there to pay for stupid settlements.

BTW just look at all the stupid from the statements given. Also they think that was live ammunition??? Morons!

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  1. Most of the people from the town of West Covina government need to be smacked. They have a spazz attack and somehow the production company is to blame for that. F them.

  2. And it made the SSCC as a honorable mention.

    I blame the department as well as the city government. Obviously the department doesn’t have good control over their property and equipment.

    As for the production company I don’t know enough to make a decision on if they share blame or not. If games were played to manipulate people into cooperation they’re culpable. If they acted in good faith and believed they had legally acquired the resources then they’re not. There is no information to answer that question though.

    The buck stops at the department though. It was their resources that were used without authorization and they’re responsible for it.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      It might stop at the officers who signed out the cars for non-sanctioned use. No matter what the film maker isn’t at fault unless it was expressly stated that the cops were breaking the law when they participated in the filming.

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