“Gun Death” Paradise

Why would anybody have a Butcher’s Knife?

Four police officers have been stabbed after being called to a disturbance in north-west London.

Witnesses said a man had been chased by police in and out of shops before he fled into a butchers, grabbed a knife and attacked the officers.

Two of the PCs were seriously hurt and one suffered a broken hand during Saturday’s incident in Kingsbury Road.

Well I guess the knife belonged to a butcher and it was stolen by a criminal.

Of course this is London where police can stop and search people just for something to do, the city is laced with CCTV cameras, carrying of firearms are banned, ownership of firearms is restricted to the upper crust, Carrying Knives is illegal, and ownership of knives is heavily restricted, and self defense is illegal.

Hopefully the two seriously wounded officer pull through. Good thing they so heavily restrict the freedom of their subjects for a good reason, right?

h/t Bubblehead Les

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  1. Sailorcurt says:

    Don’t they have safe storage laws for such dangerous implements in TFGB (The Formerly Great Britain)?

    Tang Locks? Keeping the blade and the handle secured in separate locations? Knife Safes?

    They must be slipping over there.

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