Go Donald

I gotta love that Trump has the balls to stick to this. Look, let’s face it, Trump is an A-Typical Big-City Republican. He’s a fiscal conservative because he’s run businesses, but because he’s lived in the Urban Jungle his whole life he doesn’t have a shred of self-sufficiency, and therefore people like Him, or Rudi Giuliani, or Mitt Romney are hardcore Authoritarians, and therefore bad choices to lead this country.

Still, as crazy as we all thought the Birthers were…and I thought they were bug-fuck nuts. Turns out they were right. Our President doesn’t have a birth certificate, and this is because he wasn’t born in this country. I didn’t believe it when I first heard it, but let’s face it you have to be in extreme denial for you to see it any other way.

I have a Birth Certificate, got a certified copy right here in my Desk, and I needed to show the damn thing to get my passport, as well as my first Driver’s license. If I lose this one I can go to Maine Medical Center in Portland and get another certified copy made. My Wife has a Birth Certificate, my Friend’s have Birth Certificates, those of you reading my blog have Birth Certificates (if you were born in this country of course, we do get international readership).

Donald Trump has a Birth Certificate, George H. W. Bush, has a Birth Certificate, George W. Bush has a Birth Certificate, John McCain has a Birth Certificate, Bill Clinton has a Birth Certificate.

The bottom line is Barack Obama hasn’t shown his birth certificate because he doesn’t have one…he doesn’t have one because he wasn’t born in America.

I didn’t believe it either, and I called the Birthers all sorts of names, and didn’t take them seriously. I don’t take them much more serious now…but I do have to acknowledge that they were indeed right.

Update: Birth Certificate released

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  1. alan says:

    My birth certificate is on the Internet.

  2. Vector says:

    Weerd, what exactly in that video convinced you of this? I didn’t see any compelling evidence one way or another in that video. That’s not to say that there isn’t any compelling evidence (haven’t really looked into it myself), but why this?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Nope, the video is just a hook on the issue, and me being happy that a big-name-media whore is taking the fight to the streets. Donald didn’t drop any court-admissible evidence on this case, nor has he to my knowledge.

      The compelling evidence is the lack of compelling on the other side. You can’t prove a negative, but our President CAN prove a positive…if he was a US citizen.

      He can’t, and won’t because he isn’t. Simple as that.

      • Credibility Cop says:

        He can’t, and won’t because he isn’t. Simple as that.

        Except that he actually did.

        Please don’t destroy your credibility over this issue. You’re a valuable voice for shooters and our rights. If you take up conspiracy theorism now, by writing “the compelling evidence is the lack of compelling on the other side” when in fact they have met the burden of proof, you will cease to be that valuable voice.

  3. The way this is going to be solved is that several states will have requirements for proof of eligibility to be shown before they can get on the ballot in 2012. States still largely have the right to set election rules, federal courts only overruling when there is discrimination (literary laws, poll taxes, etc)

    With 0bama cranking up the “gun control” BS after the midterms, and all the broken promises he skipped out on with his base, I won’t be surprised to not see him run for a second term.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I dunno, part of me thinks he’s to arrogant to step down after a 1st term. Another part of me thinks he’s too lazy to run for a second term. I mean he achieved his goal of being The POTUS, and certainly he didn’t have any goals beyond that…all of his “Achievements” have just been proposals made by Congress, or his cabinet that he simply rubber-stamped, he certainly has yet to take a leadership role, and I suspect he has no interest to.

      Another part of me thought Hillary Clinton would attempt to off-seat him in the Primary. If she was going to do that the optimal time would have been months earlier as a reaction to the mid-term turn-over…and frankly I think her involvement in Libya has really poisoned her chances….

      Time will tell.

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