I remember sitting around a gun shop and a guy was talking about his home-defense shotgun. He was a clay shooter by sport, so I suspected he knew more about shotguns than I. He was talking a good game until he mentioned he kept his gun loaded with birdshot. GRAHHHH! He just nullified anything good he might have said before that because he didn’t know much about defensive loads. (Hint, you won’t hunt deer with bird loads, and a deer is about the size of a man, and the deer generally runs AWAY when wounded)

Same goes for things like the Taurus Judge. Check these promotional videos here and here. Ever slipped and landed on the floor or seen somebody do it? Ever have a watermelon roll off a counter, or fall out of a broken grocery bag? Have those results been at all the similar? You know why not? Except for the shape and a vague similarity of the color inside watermelons and human heads aren’t very similar. Have a look at the second video, what’s he shooting? Birdshot again. Makes those spatter targets look really good, but I wouldn’t trust my life with it.

They’re bullshitting us, and frankly that does nothing but hurt them. Of course I’m not here to bash gunnies. I’m just pointing out that if you’re going to talk guns it’s a good idea to KNOW what you’re talking about. Wouldn’t you think the same would have to do with our opponents?

Of course Ms McCarthy isn’t the only one:

Actually, what we need is a federal background check law so that the criminals can’t go to a different state and purchase their guns where laws are looser and bring them into a state like MA where the laws are stricter.

Hmmm, she references John Rosenthal several times in her blog post above, you’d imagine she’d have heard what Mr. Rosenthal did. You see this Massachusetts anti-gun activist went to New Hampshire to show just how “Easy” it was to bring a handgun into Massachusetts by exploiting the “Gunshow Loophole”. Well Mr. Rosenthal found that everybody at the New Hampshire show he attended asked for his ID. When he presented his Massachusetts driver’s license (or LTC, Rosenthal is a gun owner himself, he just doesn’t think YOU should be) they told him they couldn’t do buisness.

So Mr. Rosenthal hired a straw buyer and bought a S&W Revolver. He then told the press about his exploits….and the ATF put him under investigation. Mr. Rosenthal avoided going to federal prison because he LIED. He never actually bought the gun from his straw buyer, and the gun was in the home of a New Hampshire native who lawfully bought it.

Note that this is how the laws work. Mr. Rosenthal could have broken the law, but it wasn’t worth it to him. He also could have stolen a gun, or hired a smuggler to bring one in from Mexico, whatever. But if you’re not willing to break the law you can’t do that. This is how laws work. I’m physically ABLE to beat a coworker to death, but I don’t because #1 I don’t want to, and #2 Murder is illegal and the punishments are severe. So again the “Gunshow Loophole” isn’t about gun shows, and isn’t a loophole because what Joan Peterson is bitching about is a federal felony.

But that’s just handguns, I’ve bought long guns in other states. Of course I can’t legally do that with a private citizen. Out of State you can buy long guns, but it NEEDS to be at an FFL, and ALL FFL sales to private citizens must have a background check.

Hmmm you’d think she’d know that, right?

Kinda odd that the anti-rights groups are ignoring the ATF’s involvement in trafficking guns into Mexico. You’d think they’d know the numbers of guns that were going in-country with the ATF’s blessing is about the same as the guns that Mexico has returned to us as guns from private gun stores.

Of course the anti-rights people live in a world of double-standards. They post a single story of a gun owner behaving badly and use that as justification as a reason to repeal the 2nd Amendment wholesale, but when gun laws do NOTHING (like this local story) well no system is perfect.

They talk about a “Gunshow Loophole” that is so vast that one of their own would have spent time in a federal pen if he had “exploited” it. They bitch about guns flowing into Mexico and demand stronger laws…only the people who are charged to enforce those laws are the ones walking the guns across the boarder.

They want to ban “Assault Weapons”, but don’t you DARE ask them what an “Assault Weapon” is, and why that’s worse than any other firearm.

Again they don’t want to talk, they want to be OBEYED. Their positions are indefensible, and that’s why they won’t discuss it.

And this is ALL of them. Why are they even politically relevant?

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  1. wfgodbold says:

    For more proof about the unsuitability of bird shot for defense, consider the guy Cheney killed while they were quail hunting.

    Oh, wait. That guy got hit in the face and chest with a load of bird shot, and he’s just fine.


  2. Another thing about those Taurus Judge commercials — ever notice how even the slices are, on one of the melons as its breaking apart? It looks to me to have been pre-scored.

  3. Cargosquid says:

    Captcha: 55KL 5 x 5 kill?

    They are politically relevant because they STILL have the media’s attention and if not combated, will be the only source of information. They are able to lie because the media are either on their side or ignorant. Or both.

    But they don’t want to ban all guns. Just as Japete……
    Just guns that kill people…..or are able to kill people…….or make a loud noise…….

  4. BobG says:

    Though I wouldn’t want to rely on it in most instances, I can imagine a couple of cases where birdshot might work, at close range such as within a house. At say, twenty feet, a load of birdshot in the face could cause blindness or cut an artery in the neck. The other case is catching a load of birdshot in the groin. I don’t care HOW manly you are, some birdshot in the junk is bound to slow you down a bit.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      Even a .25 from my old pocket colt could be deadly, I just don’t trust it to do so when I need it.

      Same with birdshot. I won’t trust it with my life…but I also won’t go downrange and catch.

  5. Chris says:

    You can plainly see the pre-scoring on the making of the Taurus judge commercial here but people still buy them. If you want to see some real tests on the effectiveness of birdshot go here he also tests the judge. As for the politicians I wish they would actually say we want to ban guns that are black and scary looking instead of saying assault rifles because they have no idea what one is.

  6. No birdshot for me for defense. #4 buckshot will do. As for the anti-gun shit-for-brains, they’re all liars. Lies are all they have, NO facts, yet the public bought “assault weapon” hook, line, & sinker. The news media coined the term “assault weapon”. Unknown until then. DON’T fall for the bullshit, it’s all lies.

    • Weerd Beard says:

      I’m really a pistol than rifle guy. I like my shotgun, but scatterguns really aren’t my game. That being said my social ammo is #00 In all things ballistic I prefer big and heavy and I feel #00 in a 2.75″ shell is the best combo of big projectiles, adequate number of pellets, and manageable recoil.

      I do like everything about 3″ #000, except for shooting it.

  7. Braden Lynch says:

    Me not sophisticated…me like my shotgun boomstick!
    Ka-Boom! Ka-Boom! It gets the job done with OO buckshot.

    Not taking a chance the SOB has on a leather jacket and a parka.
    Birdshot is for, well, birds…

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