“Gun Death” Short Flight

OK so first here’s a death with another common household item.

Mary Ann Rivera was charged in November 1970 with murdering her husband, Cruz Rivera, by throwing hot grease on him on Oct. 14, 1970, according to court records…In addition to the hot grease, she also threw other liquids, although a grand jury at the time was unaware of the other substances, according to the records. The case appears to have gone cold after the felony indictment was filed in 1970 in Harris County District Court.

Sounds like a pretty awful way to die, but of course not a “Gun Death”, right. So why are we talking about a 1970 murder today?

According to court documents, Rivera poured hot grease on her husband at their Moody Park home, KHOU reported. Rivera was arrested, posted bail and then fled with her children.

Officials tracked her to Lake Park, just north of the Florida border.

Not sure the whole history of her time on the lamb, but something tells me they just didn’t look to hard.

Kinda chilling when you think a Murderer could have just skipped town and spent the majority of their life free and clear of the law. That’s bad justice right there.

h/t Whipped Cream Difficulties

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  1. Dwight Brown says:

    Hey, Weer’d:

    Latest update: Charges dismissed “because too much time had elapsed between Rivera’s indictment in November 1970 and her arrest in October.”

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