“Gun Death” Somebody You Know

Those who use the metric “Gun Death” often use the discredited study that claims you are a jillion billion more times likely to kill somebody you know if you own a gun. Maybe we should ban guns?

San Jose police have arrested a man they suspect of beating a 35-year-old felon so badly during an argument that he died a week later….Police said that the victim and Wafer knew each other. The two had an argument, which escalated into violence.

The story is a bit vague, but it sounds like no weapons were used. So an argument escalated to a beating death with nothing but hands and feet? Why do some single out “Gun Death” as a meaningful metric again?

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  1. Bob S. says:

    Anyone else catch the fact that the suspected murderer walked the streets for over a month before being caught?

    And do you care to take a bet that there was some illegal activity going and resulted in the argument?

  2. asm826 says:

    Weapons are always used. Feet, fists, hands, pounding someone on a sidewalk, whatever it was. Just as deadly as any gun. All banning guns does is ensure that the stronger bad guys win all the time.

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