Making Shit Up

So somebody over at Joan Peterson’s blog decided to derail the conversation a bit and talk about this peculiar story. Short summary, guy writes local paper and claims to be a Gunsmith, Army Officer, NRA member, and overall big-time gunny. Then essentially copy-pastes their talking points using their specific made-up terms. Any attempts to find out if this guy is who he says he is lead to nothing, and he certainly doesn’t have an FFL to his name, which all professional gunsmiths must have.

Now I say “Derail” but Joan allows that comment, so she must want to talk about it…and she mentions she has a friend who is a gunsmith who doesn’t have and FFL. She later makes a correction.

As it turns out, my friend is really a gun maker dealing in Muzzleloaders rather than a gun smith. So he does not need a FFL to operate….This man meets people who buy his guns at one of the local gun shops for a background check.

First up I have a very good idea who this muzzleloader maker is, and he a Fudd to the extremist of extreme, he makes Muzzleloaders, and damn that’s all there needs to be, because the only reason to own a gun is to hunt. We all know Washington Crossed the Delaware river so he could get to his duck blind before dawn. High-Capacity Magazines? Why would you even NEED a magazine?

But also his guns aren’t guns…at least in the legal sense. Felons and mentally ill can legally buy his guns. He can’t sell them with an FFL if he had one because there is no “F”, even if he made 100 black powder rifles a year and sold every one of them, the ATF would deny him an application for an FFL because he doesn’t have any firearms to sell.

Furthermore, without any firearm can a 3rd party FFL run a background check like Joan claims? I don’t see how. So again, Joan Peterson is making shit up.

Oh and FYI this guy who makes things that aren’t guns, is likely Joan’s “Gun Owners who want more gun control”.

Pretty classy huh? Its going to be REALLY hard to stop reading Joan’s blog for a week during the boycott, she has such deliciously ironic stupidity!

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  1. Linoge says:

    I cannot speak to other states, but the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Instant Check System (our hybridized local/national/NICS checking system) is only accessible to honest-to-God, full-scale, licensed Federal Firearm dealers – to whit, not halfwitted idiots who cobble together outdated technology in their garages.

    But, hey, lying (and then feigning offense when you call her on it) is pretty much Joan’s bread and butter, so are you really surprised?

    • Weerd Beard says:

      That’s my understanding as well.

      That being said, don’t knock people who make BP guns for sport and for art….I will knock those who are anti-human rights. I will also deride anybody unethical enough to pervert constitutional law for financial gain.

      So all you people who make replica BP guns, God bless you, and feel free to contact me for product reviews (I desperately want a Walker Colt Clone, but I’ll take any front-stuffer I can get my hands on….and its 100% Mass legal!)

      But Trolls like this guy is 100% welcome to fuck himself all day long!

  2. I’ve sort of corresponded with him and he’s totally unreachable. He wants to kill animals, but he can’t seem to grasp that there might be a reason that you’d need to kill people. He basically lives in the same bubble as Joan

  3. Pat says:

    Actually, she corrected herself after her handlers at the BC read her posting and lost their lunch at the potential felonies she was releasing to the public record.

    To whit, she hasn’t posted a single one of my comments lately, except a single one in a string, which makes me seem nonsensical…I’ve joined the ranks of the banned.

    FYI…a 3rd party FFL can run a background check…the seller “sells” the gun to the FFL, who turns around and (with a NICS check) sells it to the buyer for his $50 fee. I looked into this to try and counter Joan’s arguments that it was quick, painless and cheap….hardly…

    • Weerd Beard says:

      But what if the “Gun” is an Uberti Walker Colt Clone? You can buy those things online with no further restrictions than buying a new pair of hiking boots. Will the ATF even allow such a use of NICS go through without flagging it for abuse?

      My Flatscreen TV has a serial number, can I enter that in on a NCIS?

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