“Gun Death” Terror

I thought I’d make a point to pay my respects to those lost in Israel .

Israeli security forces may be closing in on the terrorists who bombed a crowded bus stop area Wednesday afternoon in Jerusalem.

I’ve read that when Israel was still young many of the Anti-Semitic attacks were done with guns, until the Israeli government relaxed carry laws and terrorists started getting killed. That’s when they had to resort to bombs.

For gun-control advocates this is an improvement…but its not because of carry laws because that causes “Gun Death”, right?

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  1. Blackhawk101 says:

    I have psent a lot of time in Israel in support of the IAF’s Black Hawks (I work for Sikorsky). I stay in Tel Aviv at one hotel that overlooks the Med and a strip mall- at one end of the strip mall is a monument next to what is now a store but used to be a nightclub until a suicide bomber ran a car bomb into it and detonated it.

    I have always felt very safe in Israel despite the massive amounts of open carry and highly visible full-autos. It is not unusual to go to the local mall to eat at Pizza Hut and see massive OCing of pistols as well as rifles. To be fair the rifles (M4’s, M16s, Uzi’s, etc) are usually not loaded but everyone has a full mag attached to the weapon via a carry system.

    My IAF contact, MSgt Ziv, when I was first there told me you can always tell if they received info on a possible suicide bomber because they will usually put a Black Hawk and Apache in the air. The Israeli catch/neutralize according to him a LOT of bombers but a small percentage leaks through. The helicopters are there to aid in tracking down the vehicle used to drop them off. The IAF tries to capture the driver but if looks like they are going to make it back to the occupied territories or it looks like they are heading for a major urban area to get lost he said they just shoot the car with the 30mm if it is still in Israel or put a hellfire into it if it gets back into Palestinian territory.

    And dont get me started on Israeli security at Ben Gurion airport – lets just say if you ever went through BG you really understand what a joke the TSA is. Lets just say the Israeli’s have no problem profiling or hauling your dirty underwear out to do a complete search of all you luggage.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    With all this “Winds of Change” (and Hope?) blowing through the Middle East, I see a disturbing trend. All the Old Guard Arab/Bedu/Persian Dictators seem to be under assault and are being forced out of Power. Yes, most of them followed the “Death to Israel” Party Line, but most of them have also been sitting on their collective butts and haven’t done anything to the People of Israel in a meaningful way for decades. When was the last time the Syrians made an effort to take back the Golan Heights, for example? The last war was a motley coalition between Hizbollah in the North and Hamas in Gaza a few years ago, and they pretty much got a lot of 155 mm shells up their nose for their efforts, correct? But with all this rioting and Tweetbooking and Who the heck is Really in Charge going on, something tells me that a certain group of White House Advisors is cleaning up the Old Guard so that the Young Bloods can achieve 3 goals. 1) They unify across North Africa, the Gulf and the Arabian Peninsular and take Medina and Mecca. 2). They have control over all the modern Military gear that has been sold to their countries after the Unification and Conquest. 3). They can now liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa from the hands of the Jews and the Crusaders, and finish what Hitler started.

    After all, Samantha Powers, who is Cass Susstein’s Wife, AND IS A SENIOR POLITICAL ADVISOR TO BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, wrote that the main problem with bringing about the Palestinian State is the Israelis, and it would be best for World Peace if they could be made to “Go Away”.

    May the Lord watch over the House of David.

    • Blackhawk101 says:

      The only thing that MAY keep them in check is if faced with extinction the 200+ known nukes that Israel has will be sued to turn these arab nations into glass.

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