Gunnie Neatness

First from Barron, the best gun euphemism ever! Object Embedding Tool, go have a look! Pretty cool!

Second is from Everyday, No Days Off. The Downsizer pistol. My first thoughts were those I mentioned in the Mousegun post. How small does a gun need to be? Seriously, yeah you could hide that thing damn near anywhere (don’t think too deep on that, you might get grossed out) but seriously, I doubt that “Grip” under the trigger guard is as wide as my middle finger, and I bet that shooting .357 Magnum rounds through that is a sensation VERY close to hitting the webbing of your hand with a framing hammer as hard as you can, and the .45 ACP and .40 S&W probably aren’t much better, and the 9mm and .38 Special are just “Really Unpleasant” rather than “Unbearable”. And on top of all of that its a single shot, and I have no idea what the reloading process is. Does it have an extractor, or do you need to punch out the empty with a dowel? Either way it probably takes a good deal of time to eject the spent and feed in a second round to get your second shot…and that’s likely with a hand that’s numb from firing it in the first place.

Yeah its a .45 or .357 pistol that’s smaller than a playing card, but don’t you think that a slightly larger LCP or Seecamp might be a better option as they are repeating arms.

Still my criticism can only go so far as only a handful were made before California’s stupid “Handgun Safety” rules hit the books, shutting the shop down for good.

I don’t see it as a terribly useful gun, but still to call it “Unsafe” would show again how much “Common Sense” those who hate freedom have.

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  1. George says:

    What I was at MS, the tagline for the Microsoft Gun Club (Now the Gun Club at Microsoft for reasons that must make sense to legal) was: “The ultimate in point-and-click technology”

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