Let Them Eat Cake!

Seems our favorite Joyce Foundation Shill, and Kung-Fu Panda has dropped a quote with some of the core philosophies of the anti-rights cult.

Just a quick correction: you have a right to self preservation, but not a constitutional right to carry a gun in public.

If it is that disconcerting to you that you feel you have to have a gun with you 24 hours a day while visiting a different state for the short time you’ll be there, then I’d say you are traveling to the wrong places. And there are always other, less-lethal weapons, that you don’t need a permit for.

First up, I’m amused that since Heller and McDonald only concerned themselves with the “To Keep” part of “To Keep and Bear Arms” part of the 2nd Amendment (not to mention the meaning of “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people…” bit too)that obviously the “And Bear Arms” part is meaningless…or maybe “Arms” in reference to “Keep” is drastically different than “Arms” meant to “Bear”. Don’t bother trying to get your mind to malfunction how Baldr’s does…just point and laugh, its easier and more consistent.

Now first up here’s an interesting note on HR822. Some close friends of mine lived outside of Philly. When factoring in taking the train to Boston, waiting in line, and waiting for our bags, it actually takes about the same amount of time to DRIVE to Philly as it does to fly there. Factor in the sexual advances of the TSA its a slam dunk. Now the fastest drive from here to Philly takes me from Massachusetts, through Connecticut, through New York, and while you can cut around New Jersey into Pennsylvania, its faster to hit the Jersey Turnpike. I’m licensed to carry in Massachusetts, and I’m licensed to carry in Pennsylvania. Now besides New Jersey’s idiotic ban on Hollow Point Ammunition, and taking into consideration that I don’t carry magazines that hold more than 10 rounds, what exactly makes it illegal for me to carry in those other states? Are the lethal force laws drastically different? (Hell are they drastically different ANYWHERE in the country…with the exception of Texas where you can kill somebody simply for committing felony theft…I have ZERO issue with this)

You’ll note that none of the antis address this as they bellyache over HR 822.

2nd “If it is that disconcerting to you that you feel you have to have a gun with you 24 hours a day while visiting a different state for the short time you’ll be there, then I’d say you are traveling to the wrong places.”??? So this implies two things. First you can know what a “Good” or a “Bad” place is. This also implies that those who are victims of violent crime and sexual assault could have seen it coming, and simply should have been more careful. The idea of saying “If you feel you need airbags and a safety belt, then maybe you’re driving on the wrong roads!” is pretty offensive.

Furthermore why should I tailor my life to avoid the most revolting members of society? I mentioned the other day I had business in Boston. First up Boston is infinitely more dangerous than my quiet little town. Second, the Occupy Boston group has shown itself to be a violent rabble bent on selling drugs, rioting, and raping. Was I to simply call off that business? I have family and friends who because of financial reasons don’t live in great neighborhoods, not only do the policies that the Joyce foundation champion leave THOSE people disarmed, but also those who just swing by visiting.

And last up is a bit that you hear form both sides. You’ll often hear some Metrocon attempting to play up their lackluster support for the 2nd Amendment mentioning licensing and registration. You see somebody has a gun in Illinois, in Massachusetts, in New York, in California, the cops will ask “Do you have a permit for this?” Most states the permit only works for if you’re CARRYING the gun loaded…often only if the gun is concealed. And the permit is for the PERSON, not for the gun, as there is no gun registration.

Of course Baldr is an anti-gun shill in Oregon which is pretty damn nice when it comes to gun ownership, and overall freedom. Here in Massachusetts, the most popular less lethal weapons, Electronic Stun Devices, and Pepper Spray are heavily restricted. The Stun Guns and Tasers are outright illegal here, and you can only posses pepper spray if you have a gun permit. Also while there is a Class D LTC that is $25, shall-issue and only covers chemical sprays, the whole legal classification of a tin of pepper as “Ammunition” means that if a college student gets jumped by a drunk frat boy, and she escapes sexual assault because she pepper sprays him…she’ll be expelled for carrying “ammunition” on campus.

Also some more oldschool less lethal devices like blackjacks, saps, collapsible batons, and brass knuckles are also illegal here…as well as most states that harass gun owners.

Heck even knives are heavily restricted here. I know I can’t carry my 2″ Ka-Bar TDI in North Carolina because its illegal to carry a fixed-blade knife. Most of my pocket knives are illegal in New York because their laws are just plain crazy calling all but the most basic buck folding knife a “Switch blade”. Also why do we give a shit about automatic knives like switchblades again?

Of course we’ve talked about Baldr’s fantasy world where being out-of-shape and taking some kung-fu lessons in a strip mall are all you need to protect yourself and your family.

Is there any wonder why their support is failing? Also HR 822 is on its way to the Senate, call your Senators…unfortunately mine called back.

Let’s see if we can pass this. If not for Freedom, to upset Jerks like Baldr!

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  1. Kristopher says:

    I posted the following comment … bet it doesn’t make his approval cut:

    I’ll bet it just chaps your hide that Oregonians, who have a right to a must issue CCW permit, and who can own machinguns and silencers they buy on an NFA form 4, might actually be able to exercise their basic human rights while traveling in states like California.

    The 14th amendment ended states being able to limit the bill of rights.

    Victim-Disarmament supporters like you are destined for the ashbin of history, along with other states rights supporters, like slaveholders of the old south.

  2. Bubblehead Les says:

    Well, I hate to say it, but Baldrs Right. I hate having to carry a Gun 24/7 in those areas where I shouldn’t be traveling. That’s why Zercool and I spent an extra hour or two traveling through Vermont when we came out to the Northeast Shoot. We did so to AVOID MASSACHUSETTS AND ITS DANGEROUS ANTIGUN LAWS!
    As much as the Antis Deny It, Prof. Lott has proven over and over again, using FBI and DOJ numbers, that the MORE restrictions there are on the RKBA, the more violent crime there is.

    But it’s hard to have a Police State when one doesn’t need Police, now is it?

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