Last one from Helmke

Here’s one last one of the Helmke video series.

First he starts will telling the truth for the briefest of moments. “We don’t design gun control laws for the criminals…”

TRUE! Criminals do bad things with guns….so the people who follow the laws must accept more restrictions! That’ll work! That would be like quelling famine in Lybia by buying 1,000 pizzas for the local high schools!

Next he goes prattling on about gun dealers that sell to criminals. First you’ll notice Paul downplays what is his organizations biggest triumphs, the Brady bill. I mean he doesn’t want the bill that bears Sarah Brady’s name to sound like it doesn’t work. That’s not a fair assessment. Just because something doesn’t work doesn’t mean it should be called a failure!

So we need more laws against people already breaking the law? Make sense to you? That about covers all the gun control laws right there. They are either inefficient, or they they are 100% redundant. Remember, these people want to stop murder by banning guns…but murder is already illegal, why would gun bans work?

His last point is saying that if the gun makers are no longer making guns, obviously a black market of home-built mags wouldn’t sprout up except in the rarest of cases.

Ever hear of a Meth lab? Ever read the Anarchist Cookbook? Have you ever seen or heard of somebody modifying their car to sidestep government safety standards? How about the home-made bomb makers like the Unibomber or Oklahoma city? Hell the Time Square Bomber scared the crap out of me because he was VERY close to getting it right. That attack was a “Near Miss” if you will.

Sorry, if there is a market, there will be a black market. Paul likely knows that, but again he lies.

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  1. North says:

    The different looking pages are… disconcerting. There is a look I expected here. Now… kinda metrosexual.

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