More Double-Standards

Just heard through Joan Peterson that her Joyce AstroTurf group Protect Minnesota is endorsing this petition.

We are asking Minnesota’s largest employers to enact the following set of Fair Hiring Practices:

1: Remove any questions about criminal records from initial employment applications;
2: Do not consider non-conviction records or cases that have been expunged or pardoned in the hiring process;
3: Consider criminal records only when they directly relate to the position sought by an applicant;
4: Allow applicants to show evidence of rehabilitation, if a person does have a criminal record related to the position being sought.

Now notice that as a Joyce group they are opposed to private sales of firearms, and opposed to self defense. This group was also in favor of permission slips and taxes on people buying and owning guns, and the arbitrary denial of rights.

So they don’t want you armed or defending yourself, but they’re perfectly willing to demand that violent criminals work in the same office as you.

BTW this is REALLY scary. My office is one of those 100% lock-down places where all outside traffic needs to be buzzed in by a receptionist, or escorted by an employee with a security badge.

Overall this makes it moderately safe from outside attack (tho no security is 100%), but what about INSIDE attack? We had a mentally ill coworker have a psychotic episode during a work day. Besides scaring a lot of people, and disrupting a great deal of work the event was handled without incident.

Still this person was freely walking in the secure areas, as they were cleared. The same could be said about a violent criminal working in your office.

Also I 100% agree with point #2…except people like Joan Peterson, and the Joyce Foundation, strongly support the “Terror Watchlist” which punishes people for non-convictions, as well as vague associations, like name similarity, and identity theft, and who knows what else.

Again this shows that the groups that are anti-gun are also consistently pro-criminal.

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  1. Bubblehead Les says:

    So if some one is Convicted of helping a Terrorist through Funding, does his 5 years, gets out, and applies for Tech Position in a Bio Firm, that would be cool with her?

  2. Cargosquid says:

    So the felon, fresh out of jail, for embezzlement, can apply for a job selling firearms or building firearms. I mean, according to this, they can’t ask about criminal records.

    Furthermore, this:

    “Remove any questions about criminal records from initial employment applications;”

    prevents 2 through 4. If you have no inquiries about criminal records, how does an employer do the other three?

    They really are blind idiots.

  3. Patrick says:

    I believe I’ve been saying this all along… Pro-criminals. And you are right. When it involves a firearm, we are all murderers. We just haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Commit any *other* crime though…

    @Cargosquid – It does say *initial* applications. It doesn’t say they can’t ever ask the question. Which begs the question, why bother not asking on the initial if you are inevitably going to get to the question of criminal history?

  4. alcade says:

    “We had a mentally ill coworker have a psychotic episode during a work day. Besides scaring a lot of people, and disrupting a great deal of work the event was handled without incident.”

    I hope you’re feeling better!

  5. Linoge says:

    Chalk up another instance of an anti-rights cultist aiding and abetting criminals. Go figure.

    I have absolutely no problems with companies hiring felons and helping them get back on their feet, if they so desire. However, there is absolutely no reason why those companies should not be allowed to make themselves aware of what they are getting into. The average recidivism rate within three years for released prisoners still hovers somewhere around 2/3s – I wonder how Joan would feel working next to someone who, statistically speaking, will probably commit the same crime he did before.

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