More From Officer Roid Rage

Looks like another video has surfaced (link here)

Seems he pulls over a car suspecting drunk driving, and in his search he finds a .25 Pistol on the floor. As we saw in the now famous viral video, Officer Daniel “Roid Rage” Harless again threatens to murder all people at the scene. This of course kind of eclipses his horrendous behavior as a law enforcement officer, as well as horribly unprofessional behavior which in themselves make him a shame to the police force.

Please note that Jay found Mr. Harless to have an extensive history with internal affairs, given how similar these two videos are, I suspect at least a few of those 16 cases are similar.

Given that he is still able to walk in public wearing a Canton PD shield, and his behavior is known to at LEAST two other officers, and given the number of IA investigations, I suspect most of the force knew him as a lose cannon, and given the Force’s one reckless disregard for the rights of their citizens I wouldn’t be happy until every member of the Police force from the Chief to the dispatchers were terminated and replaced with new, unrelated faces, and Mr. Harless stands trial for his violent crimes.

I certainly will make it a point the next time I’m in Ohio to not go anywhere near the city of Canton.

Furthermore I’m also very unimpressed by the reaction by the officer. Now again like the first video there does appear to be something shady going on. Still a gun inside a car isn’t a crime by itself. Ohio you can open carry and own guns without permits or permission. There is no word if the driver or passenger were intoxicated, nor if they were prohibited people (granted that would only be determined after the scene was secured) But just because somebody has a gun in the car is no reason to shoot somebody. In Ohio you have a duty to inform the police if you are carrying a weapon. Furthermore they were asked and lied, that’s a big deal. Furthermore there was the whole “Its not mine” bullshit. they’re probably prohibited people up to no good.

Congrats officer, you got them. Cuff and book them, and enjoy a beer and maybe a 3 hour workout session to keep those dirty muscles firm. They were compliant, they didn’t try to run, or fight. You have no justification to shoot them.

The entire Canton PD is this violent criminal, as far as I’m concerned. I don’t know why anybody would think any different.

This scene was witnessed by an officer who appears to be different than the other video

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  1. alcade says:

    On a related note, I happened to be eating breakfast a few weeks back when that IN sheriff who stated he welcomed warrantless searches came in. He was alone, but made it a point to request the large table in the corner, where he could sit watching everyone in the room. Although it was hot that morning, I did find it odd that he was wearing baggy layers. I wondered if that behavior had anything to do with all the threats directed at him from online.

    While I certainly don’t condone threatening people, I would go far enough to say that if Officer Roid Rage above mentioned suddenly found it prudent to worry about who he dined with, that might not altogether upset me. And it might make other “peace” officers think about trampling on civil rights in the name of the officer safety cult.

  2. Suz says:

    It’s been said before but it bears repeating: There is no criminal more dangerous than a bully with a badge.

    The man is a disgrace to the profession.

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